The Lying Game Season 1, Episode 6 Recap: “Bad Boys Break Hearts”
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The Lying Game

The Lying Game Season 1, Episode 6 Recap: “Bad Boys Break Hearts”

Things are heating up in Arizona — and we’re not just talking about that dry desert weather! If you missed the latest Lying Game episode, or just want to re-live the salacious drama, read on. When it comes to hunky men, sexy twins, devious parents and break-dancing ballet teachers, we’ve got you covered!

Stud Potion No. 9

After more than a week of flirting, scheming and pretending to be interested in the Angry Birds ap, Sutton (Alexandra Chando) is closer than ever to finding out where her biological mother’s been hiding all these years! She and Thayer discover an art gallery that represents Annie Hobbes’ work, and Thayer uses his dumpster diving skills to unearth a few packing slips with the address of where her paintings were shipped from. That’s right — we finally have a legit lead!

Sounds great, but Sutton’s complicated love life is killing her mystery-solving buzz. She’s still reeling from seeing Ethan (Blair Redford) suck face with Emma at Homecoming, and to make matters worse, she and Thayer are doing the dirty — which Emma finds out about when he walks by all shirtless and amazing in the background of a video chat. This love triangle just turned into a love square!

Meanwhile, Ethan decides he’s done with Sutton and breaks things off over video-chat, and when Thayer realizes that Sutton’s just using him for his moist lips and sexy six pack, he packs up his bags (along with a suitcase full of hurt feelings) and hits the road to Arizona. So, basically poor Sutton goes through two breakups in the space of 24 hours. Emma: one, Sutton: zero.

The Lying Game Season 1, Episode 6 Recap: “Bad Boys Break Hearts”
Credit: Bill Records/ABC Family    

Rebel Without a Cause

Emma and Ethan are turning into the cutest couple to hit Arroyo High since ‘80s Ted and Alec. They’re hot, they’re adorable, they’re into slow-dancing — basically they are perfect. Which is exactly why Emma heads over to Ethan’s trailer and breaks up with him. After all, once Sutton returns from L.A, what will happen to their relationship? Of course, Ethan uses his super-power stud lips to change her mind with an impromptu makeout sesh, and these two are back on again faster than you can say “Jason Priestley.”

That’s right: Girls literally can’t break up with this boy.

Emma and Ethan go on their first official date when Ethan surprises her with a romantic dinner for two on his porch. Naturally, Emma chooses this moment to tell Ethan about Sutton cheating with Thayer and he totally flips out and breaks up with her for withholding information. Can this boy go five minutes without playing heartbreaker? Luckily, Emma distracts herself from her tumultuous love life by launching into a full-fledged investigation into the sketchy freak show that is the Mercer family.

Dancing Queen

If there’s one thing we know about break-dancing ballet teachers who prey on their students, it’s that they deserve to be run out of town by local DILFs. Which is exactly what happens to poor Eduardo and his boom box.

After Alec (Adrian Pasdar) promises to stay out of Mads’ (Alice Greczyn) bidnezz, she heads over to Eduardo’s house and finds him packing up his bags. He promptly declares his love for her, kisses her passionately, and then says he’s on the run from something “dangerous.” Look, Eddie — we know Daddy Rybak is scary, but can’t you just challenge him to a break-battle or something?

A despondent Mads heads home to confront her dad about harassing Eduardo, and after he acts all innocent, she calls Eduardo to get more details. Unfortunately, he’s in the ER after “Getting Rybaked” (Getting Rybaked: verb. To die at the hands of the one and only Daddy Rybak).

The Lying Game Season 1, Episode 6 Recap: “Bad Boys Break Hearts”
Credit: Bill Records/ABC Family    

Thug Life

Things are getting sketchier and sketchier with Laurel’s (Allie Gonino) boy toy, Justin. First, his parents bail on a family dinner with the Mercers. No biggie. Next, Laurel goes to “his house,” and ends up chatting with some random bald man who has no idea who Justin is. Then, Laurel confides in Emma, who’s all “Oh, ain’t no thing. Justin’s probably living in his car” and finally, Laurel drives around until she finds the foreclosed home where Justin’s living and gets some answers.

So here’s the deal: Apparently, Justin’s parents were killed in a car accident three years ago and he ran away from his foster home so he could pursue his golfing career. Guys, boyfriend just wants to live out his dreams of becoming an 80-year-old retiree — and Laurel thinks it’s adorable. We approve.

Now let’s take a look at what’s going on with Laurel’s rival, Char Chamberlin (Kristen Prout). Char waltzes out to her pool in her hottest one-piece to find some random hunk floating in a lounge chair. Every girl’s fantasy come true! Of course, said hunk is none other than Derek — Alec Rybak’s creepy protege. Too bad Char doesn’t know that he only wants to ask her out as a favor to his mob boss, so she gets her flirt on and tries not to stare at Derek’s skin-tight swim shorts. Noooooo!

Char convinces Emma to help her get ready for her date with Derek, and little does Emma know that Char’s house holds all the answers she’s been searching for. As Emma wanders around the Chamberlin mansion, she sees a photo of Annie Hobbes with Char’s mom, Phyllis. Emma takes the opportunity to ask Phyllis about Annie and we learn that “those bastards broke her heart.” Sounds like a ménage à trois gone majorly awry!

Oh, and Derek is hiding in the shadows listening to their conversation while Char waits in the car. Keepin’ it classy, Derek!

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Emma heads home to ask Kristen (Helen Slater) about Annie, and as Ted (Andy Buckley) eavesdrops at the top of the stairs, it’s revealed that Annie was a sweet and “wild” girl from their high school, who moved to L.A. at the same time as the Mercers. Kristen seems totally chill about Annie, so we think it’s safe to assume she’s not in on Ted and Alec’s dirty little secret.

Meanwhile, Ethan heads over to the ER where everyone’s waiting to see whether or not Eduardo will die. Thanks to a slip-up on Ethan’s part, Char thinks he’s cheating on Sutton with some random named “Emma,” and blurts out the news just in time for Thayer to arrive. Before Thayer can expose Emma’s real identity, Ethan serves him a knuckle sandwich and he face plants on the hospital floor. Nice save, buddy!

Over in L.A., Sutton heads to a psychiatric hospital where she assumes Annie Hobbes must work, and manages to find her way to the patient wing even though the woman manning the door lied to her about there being no Annie Hobbes there. As Sutton incredulously peers through a window at her mother and realizes she’s a patient at the hospital, a hand clamps on her shoulder and she screams!

Daddy Rybak, is that you?

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