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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Spoilers! Has Katherine Sworn off the Salvatore Brothers for Good?

*Spoilers ahead!*

Fans of Mystic Falls wickedest vampiress, take note: Katherine (Nina Dobrev) won’t be gone for long.

"Katherine is too delicious to go too long without seeing,” executive producer Kevin Williamson tells E!. We agree: There’s something about Kat we just love to hate. So, what can we anticipate when the vamp vixen comes back to the Falls? E!’s Kristin Dos Santos offered up this cryptic tidbit: “When one of the brothers is away, Katherine will play.” That could mean she’s plotting to mess with the elder Salvatore. And why not? Not only is toying with Damon (Ian Somerhalder) clearly one of Kat’s favorite pastimes, now she knows it will make her doppelganger uber-jealous.

While Damon may or may not “play” with Katherine, he will get fed up with someone else’s games. The anti-hero will soon present Elena with an ultimatum. Guess he’s just as annoyed by Elena’s fickle attitude toward their relationship as we are!

We don’t know specifics about Damon’s demand, but we can imagine it will go something like this: “Who’s it going to be? Me — the emotionally unstable, uncontrollable brother who might turn you into a vampire on a drunken whim — or my temporarily twisted younger brother who you may not ever see again and who by now has probably brutally murdered at least a hundred people?”

Yeah. That’s awkward. Maybe it’s time Elena tries out the whole single thing?

Source: E!