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Top 5 Castle and Beckett Moments from Castle Season 4, Episode 1: “Rise”

Now that you’ve had a moment to digest everything that went down on Castle’s Season 4 premiere (and probably more than once — it’s cool, we don’t judge), we’re about to take a trip down memory lane and re-live the best Caskett moments from the epic first episode.

Sure, there was blood. (Mostly Beckett’s.) And guts. (Beckett’s again.) But there was also a slew of adorable — or at the very least, emotional — moments between our favorite non-couple. So let’s focus on the good, shall we?

Castle decides to surprise his partner-in-crime-solving — who was practically deceased last time he saw her — with a beautiful, big bouquet of live flowers. Cute, right? Sure, until Castle walks through the door to find Beckett’s boyf Josh already kneeling at her bedside. Why won’t this guy just go away? Doesn’t he have patients to operate on or something?

Castle makes some joke about the flowers to play it off like its no biggie (even though we bet they cost him a pretty penny), and starts right in with questions. Big ones. Like, for example, “Do you remember anything from the shooting?” (Which, translated from guy speak into real conversation, means, “Did you or did you not hear me tell you I love you not once, but twice?”)

Sadly, Beckett claims she doesn’t remember anything from Monty’s funeral. While we could maybe believe that since she was half-dead and all at the time, we later learn — spoiler alert! — it’s a big ol’ fib.

Maybe it was all the drugs dripping into her through her IV, but WTF, Beckett? This is kind of a big deal. He told you he loved you. Doesn’t that at least deserve some recognition?

In her defense, Becks clearly doesn’t feel so good about the lie. As soon as she realizes the whopper that came out of her mouth, she sends Castle running and says she’ll call him when she’s ready.

So, that part about calling when she’s ready? Yeah. It doesn’t happen. Three months go by with no word from Beckett, until one day, as Castle’s mindlessly signing books for his fans, he looks up to find her standing there in all her beautiful, brown-haired glory.

Yes, it’s kinda romantic, but really? This is 2011. Couldn’t she at least have sent him a text message? An e-mail? A tweet, for God’s sake? There’s just no excuse for disappearing on someone who tells you they love you — especially when you clearly love them back. Even if you do look really hot when you finally see them again.

Still, Beckett attempts to say she’s sorry, but Castle really isn’t having it. (Not that we blame him. She did go AWOL for a quarter of a year.) But did anybody else catch that moment where he hesitates and almost says the L-word again? That ish is like crack. One time and you’re hooked.

But Beckett finally gets Castle’s attention when she tells him she and Josh are dunzo. Huzzah! Bust out the party hats — Beckett’s back on the market!

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After Beckett breaks the break-up news, Castle follows her to a cute little playground across the street, where the duo sit on swings next to each other and chat. How sweet! Maybe it’s the childish, innocent backdrop, but something about the scene makes Beckett really open up.

First, she offers up more details about her breakup. (OK, so ‘offered up’ isn’t technically correct since Castle asked, but still, she answered. That’s good, right?) She tells Castle she “really, really liked” Josh, but “that wasn’t enough.” (And it’s usually not when you’re in love with someone else. Just sayin'.)

She also admits how she’s basically been terrified to be vulnerable and has built up like a bazillion, impossible-to-break walls since her mother’s murder. You can say that again! Still, they say admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery. So there you go.

Beckett also says she knows she needs to get over (read: solve) her mother’s murder case before she can ever have the kind of relationship she wants. Maybe we’re reading between the lines here, but we’re pretty sure she means, “Help me solve my mother’s murder and I’ll be yours forever.”

OK, so Castle isn’t actually in this scene, but when Beckett visits her psychiatrist in the final moments of the episode, she reveals a huge secret: She does remember the shooting!

She doesn’t admit that she remembers Castle’s "I love you," but one can assume she most definitely does. But why is she hiding it? We guess only time — and a few more visits to the psychiatrist’s chair — will tell.

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