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Castle Spoiler: Will Beckett Give Up on Solving Her Mother’s Murder?

Excuse our language, but Kate Beckett is one bad biatch.

That being said, Stana Katic (Beckett) admits it’s going to be very hard for Castle to keep his partner-in-crime-solving from throwing herself back into her mother’s case full force. So what she almost lost her life (more than once)? Beckett’s looking for vengeance — and we have no doubt she’ll get it.

Stana Katic agrees. "Beckett is relentless,” she says. “[If] Beckett sees a challenge, she's going to run at it head-on. If there's a wall in her way, she's going to break it down. She going to take it down brick by brick if she has to … and she'll risk her own life doing it."

Poor Castle — sounds like he’s gonna have to be extra careful if he wants to keep this feisty, fearless female out of harm’s way.

And Beckett won’t be the only woman on Castle’s watch-list this season. Daughter Alexis is also going through some ish — you know, the usual teenage stuff — and she’ll really be “testing the limits” with her writer dad, says Castle creator Andrew Marlowe.

“It was always my intent to have Alexis be a good girl and not do anything crazy — we don’t expect her to become a drug addict — but we do get to see that [father/daughter friction] and other issues that she’s wrestling with,” Marlowe says. “She’s at an age where girls struggle with their identity and with relationships, so we have all of that material to play with.”

Castle better brace himself — sounds like he’s about to go one helluva estrogen-filled ride.

Source: TV Line, TV Guide

09.22.2011 / 01:24 AM EDT by Erica Strauss
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