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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 8 Sneak Peek: 8 Hints About the Premiere

Yes, we've seen the Grey's Anatomy Season 8 premiere, and yes, you should be jealous. But we're in a sharing mood, so for all of you who just can't wait for 9 PM on Thursday night to roll around, here's what we can tell you without the running afoul of the Spoiler Police at ABC.

  1. One doctor will be revealed to be a Gunther. It may not be the prettiest name you've ever heard, but one of the surgeons will take on that identity and be darn proud of it! The question you should be asking is: Who is Gunther?
  2. One doctor will sustain a life-threatening injury. Not only that, but it's another doctor's fault.
  3. Someone will come to Meredith (Ellen Pompeo)'s aid in a surprising way. Just because she breached protocol in Derek (Patrick Dempsey)'s trial, and previews show her wandering through the basements with Zola like a crazy person, doesn't mean everyone has abandoned her.
  4. Bailey (Chanda Wilson) will have a bit of a rodent situation.
  5. Meredith and Cristina (Sandra Oh) will renew their vows as each other's "persons" in invaluable ways. They have each other's backs like no one else, and these two hours prove it.
  6. A doctor will act brashly, so brashly that another character accuses him or her of throwing away an entire career.
  7. Teddy Altman (Kim Raver)'s mean streak will surface, even if she starts the episode with her happy face on.
  8. Someone will make a major life decision.

The suspense builds. Think you know what any of these cryptic clues mean? Put on your speculatin' cap and leave your conjectures in the comments.