Michaele Salahi and Steven Tyler’s Backstage Antics
Credit: Brandon Todd / Splash News    
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American Idol

Michaele Salahi and Steven Tyler’s Backstage Antics

This isn’t Michaele Salahi’s first time at the rockstar rodeo! The former Real Housewife of DC star is making headlines for running away with Journey guitarist Neal Schon, and it turns out this isn’t the first musician she’s cozied up to. TMZ just released a photo of Michaele backstage with Aerosmith frontman (and American Idol judge) Steven Tyler at a concert five years ago.

The photo shows Michaele and Steven grinning and baring... their stomachs? Michaele’s soon-to-be ex-husband Tareq has called her a “groupie slut,” and while we think the name-calling is a little harsh, this is one chick who just doesn’t wanna miss a thing (get it?) backstage. After all, Michaele’s affair with Neal began when Tareq videotaped her kissing him backstage at a Journey concert!

From crashing dinner at the White House to running away with guitarists, we can’t wait to see what Americana rock’s Yoko Ono does next.

Source: TMZ