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Modern Family

Modern Family Recap of Season 3, Episode 2: ”When Good Kids Go Bad”

Now that everyone is home in California, the Dunphy and Pritchett families are back to their usual hilarious hijinks.

Now that both Cameron and Mitchell are ready to adopt a baby boy, all that’s left to do is tell the family, or so they thought. As it turns out, not so little Lily isn’t too keen on sharing her dads with some stinkin’ baby, and Mitchell blames this behavior on Cam’s excessive coddling. Cam reverses his parenting technique so that Lily will detach (and refrain from harming any future babies) but it turns out that Lily’s issues may stem from another source: Mitch.

Lily’s teacher mentions that she isn’t one for sharing, and Mitchell thinks that his own disdain for the weak practice may be the reason why his daughter won’t share her dads.

When Claire takes a tumble in the supermarket and knocks over a tower of canned peaches, she insists that Phil accidentally pushed her and demands he take the blame for the falling fruit. The kids insist that this is just part of Claire’s need to always be right.

Manny may think he’s as suave as Antonio Banderas, but when his principal calls the house and claims that he stole a girl’s necklace, Jay knows something’s up and weasels a Law & Order-esque confession out of him.

Manny comes clean to Gloria and promises to give the necklace back, but at the last minute Gloria wiggles the locker open and slips the evidence inside. No way will Gloria Delgado-Pritchett have her only child branded a thief. After a sweaty car ride, Jay realizes that Manny never made it to the principal's office, but can’t get Gloria to admit the truth.

Let’s Hear it for the Boy!

Credit: Richard Cartwright /ABC    

The night of Mitchell and Cam’s big announcement finally arrives but it seems that everyone needs to get something off of their chest. Tired of people thinking that she only insists on being right (but seldom is) crafty Claire reveals DVD evidence from the supermarket video camera proving that Phil was, in fact, the peach pusher.

Outraged that Mitch led Cameron to believe that he was harming their daughter (when blame should clearly be placed on Lily’s ginger dad himself) Cam and Mitch start yelling and Mitch accidentally breaks the news about adoption number two. He just can’t share anything, can he?

Like any good dad, Jay can’t resist pressuring Manny into telling the truth about the necklace, and when Manny finally cracks, Jay revels in the fact that he “was right” all along. Everything comes full circle as the family realizes that Jay is the source of Claire’s compulsive need to always be right.

Will Claire ever admit to being wrong? Will Lily grow to love her new sibling? Keep watching Season 3 of Modern Family to find out!

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