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Dancing With The Stars

Whoa! Hope Solo Is Pulling Double Duty With U.S. Soccer Team & DWTS

It's tough enough just to learn the routines on Dancing With the Stars. Usually the celebs and pros train at least six hours a day, and that’s before getting to the point where they have to learn two or more dances a week. It adds a lot more pressure — not to mention risk of injury — to pull double duty as a pro athlete, like Hope Solo is doing now.

Just before Season 13 started on September 19, Hope was with the U.S. women's soccer team in Kansas City on September 17 for a U.S.-Canada exhibition. Between rehearsals for DWTS Week 2, Hope has been practicing with her team for another game against Canada, to be held today, September 22, in Portland, Oregon.

"This is one of the most challenging things I've done," Hope told The Oregonian of DWTS, after team practice Wednesday. "It's everything, from the dancing itself to being on live television in front of millions of viewers. It's completely different and almost as nerve wracking as playing in the World Cup."

Is she asking too much of herself to try and balance practice, games and DWTS? Not that Hope is the first to try and do it all. Evan Lysacek did his figure skating tour on Season 10 and Michael Bolton did about a thousand shows while taping Season 11, but Hope may be asking for trouble to try and be the U.S. women's goalie while keeping up with the infamously tough Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

Source: The Oregonian