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Jersey Shore

Who’s the Best Jersey Shore Boyfriend? Jionni Lavalle vs. Roger Mathews

The Jersey Shore cast is known for being rather incestuous (remember the hook up board in Season 2?), but besties Snooki and JWOWW are both currently enjoying relationships with men outside the fold.

Their relationships seemed to have survived two seasons of the show more or less intact, so we've gotta give both men props for sticking with it through the Jersey Shore insanity. But which girl has snagged the better guy? Let's break it down based on what we know:

Jionni Lavalle

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The good: Snooki's boy, Jionni, is more Wall Street than Gorilla Juicehead, and since Snooki is Jersey-licious enough for about ten people, we call that a major plus. Even better, Jionni actively wants to stay out of the limelight, which means he must love Snooks for Snooks, because he definitely isn't into her for the fame.

He's also a total sweetheart. He cooked our girl breakfast on her birthday, flew out to visit her in Italy during the filming of Season 4 (despite his aversion to cameras), treats her like a lady, and even vay-cayed with her family — and won them over! Plus, he was willing to forgive Snooki for her majorly questionable make out sesh with Deena in Season 4, Episode 7. No wonder Snooks thinks he might be "the one."

The bad: As we saw in Season 4, Episode 6, Jionni has some problems with the way Snooki acts. Namely, her drinking, her sexually explicit conversation topics, and her general rudeness. Which makes us wonder: If he doesn't like loud, boozing gals who say whatever dumb thing crosses their mind, why is he dating Snooki? Her entire charm is her ability to embrace her own ridiculousness. The fact that Jionni made Snooki break down in tears for daring to talk about sucking butt makes us question the fundamental stability of their relationship (as do the rumors that they split during Snooki's stay in Italy).

Roger Mathews

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The good: Compared to JWOWW's psychotic ex, Tom (the one who stole all her stuff), anyone would look good. But that's not all Roger has going for him. Like Jionni, he's down-to-earth and stays out of the spotlight. And unlike Jionni, Roger didn't appear to have any problems with slumming it long distance for a while. He visited JWOWW in Italy, where they indulged in adorable, romantic dates, and from what we've seen he was happy to let his lady do what she wanted during the rest of the trip — no guilt tripping in sight. And bonus: He sent her flowers! Aww. A tough girl like JWOWW needs someone who will respect her independence, and it looks like Roger's the right guy for the job.

The bad: Remember the great dip disaster of 2011, when Roger sketchily sped away instead of waving at JWOWW when they met on the road? Yeah, that happened. Plus, their relationship basically started while JWOWW was still with Tom. Yes, as we established, Tom is the worst, but that's still not the best beginning for an epic love story.

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