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Best and Worst Song Performances From Glee Season 3 Premiere

Glee manages to pack an insane number of songs into each episode, which means there will always be a few standouts...along with the inevitable dud or two. We've narrowed the performances from Season 3, Episode 1: “The Purple Piano Project” down to the very best and the coulda-done-without. After all, not every Glee cover can be a bestseller on iTunes!

Best Performance of the Night: “It’s Not Unusual” by Blaine

Apparently, Blaine (Darren Criss) can knock our socks off, regardless of what attire he’s in. (Apparently, there are now two guys who can pull of the red-pants look: Blaine and Santa Claus.) Even without the Warblers backing him up, he still gave a magnetic performance that would have even impressed Tom Jones himself — whose own sexiness is hard to match.

And believe us, it was tough not to award “We Got the Beat” as the best performance. Any song with Puck doing push-ups is automatically a top contender.

Worst Performance of the Night: “Ding-Dong! The Witch is Dead” by Rachel and Kurt

Let’s get this straight: Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Rachel (Lea Michele) lead us to believe that they have a secret weapon that will blow their New York Academy of the Dramatic Arts (NYADA) competition to smithereens — sort of like their own personal T-1000 from Terminator 2 — and then this is the lightweight trifle they deliver? Needless to say, that is no way to stomp out the likes of Harmony (Glee Project runner up Lindsay Pearce) and co.

Most Rachel and Kurt duets leave us on the verge of tears, so we were expecting something that really stretched them to the fullest of their abilities.

And by the way — no, we’re not counting the silly, tragic “Big Spender” performance. Sugar Motta (Vanessa Lengies) appears to have enough problems of her own without landing in this slot. And to be honest, we’re a little afraid of her.

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09.23.2011 / 02:17 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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