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The Bachelorette

Highlights From Part 1 Of Bachelor Pad 2’s After the Final Beatdown Special

Jesse Csincsak’s Bachelor/ette/Pad Beatdowns are already legendary for their breath of fresh honesty — crass sex talk and all. Not that the show veterans always spend the entire time acting like frat boys or bashing fellow contestants, ABC, the producers, the editing, the viewers, the curtains and whatever else they can find, but they do enough griping that it comes off as authentic.

Having said that, Part 1 of Bachelor Pad Season 2’s “After the Final Beatdown” special is now up on and it’s pretty tame. It helps that Wes Hayden wasn’t on BP2, so he’s not there to repeat that he’s a grown-ass man and if he wants to have sex with a billy goat, that’s his business. Instead, we have Michelle Money, Kasey Kahl, Vienna Girardi, Erica Rose, William Holman and Jackie Gordon supporting and defending each other without doing too much trash-talking of the people who weren’t there.

Here are some highlights from Part 1:

• William didn’t have a romantic connection with anyone in the house, but he said for the first week or two he spent most of his time flirting and hanging out with Holly Durst. He never tried to take it beyond friendship out of respect for her ex-fiance Michael Stagliano, but that was the closest he came to any kind of relationship.

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• Even before the show started, Kasey told Erica he planned for her to be partners with Kirk DeWindt. But Kirk decided he'd rather be with Ella Nolan. On the first night, Erica also tried to partner with William but he ran away to be with Gia Allemand. Because he thought she was prettier? Burn.

• Kasey said he knew going into the show that he and Vienna would have a huge target on their collective back so he tried to have some pre-made alliances going into the house. (Is it fair that half of the show’s alliances seem to have been made before the cameras started rolling?)

• Jackie said "You don't want to know" about what happened after the limo left with her and Ames Brown. "It was love at first sight," she said. "I thought that I was going to marry this man, honestly." They went on vacation together for a week in Napa and they had nothing but wedded bliss. They came back to New York City and it was after The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All that things changed for her. She said he's a great guy and she can't say anything bad about him, but the whole experience might've been overwhelming for him. Maybe he was getting a lot of attention, maybe there were talks of him being The Bachelor. He never told her. But she noticed changes in him after the MTA. Beatdown special guest Richard Mathy (Bachelorette Season 4) added three words to describe what happened to Jackie and Ames: "Random Facebook groupies."

Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC Television Group ©2011 Disney    

• Michelle weighed in on the Blake Julian and Melissa Schreiber relationship, adding that she’s not really a big Blake fan. "Melissa is one of the coolest girls you'll ever meet," Michelle said. Blake was playing the game and he got a little bit dirty and definitely led Melissa on. But Melissa is also an emotional person and tends to read into things. Kasey likes Blake and thinks he's a good guy but because Melissa is "fragile" he may not have handled things the best way. They all agree the Blake/Melissa thing wasn’t just a one-time deal, they went back and forth several times.

• Erica said she did get into a big fight with Blake on their awkward dinner date, but they edited out the part where she said they could stay in different rooms — and have cameras shoot them doing that — because she thought it was just good strategy to be out of the house for the night. But they made it seem like she was just horny and wanted to get him in the missionary position.

• Erica still wishes Jake Pavelka had been able to stick around and be her partner, although she says it wouldn't have worked out between them, romantically.

• In terms of Kasey and Vienna being edited as the villains of the season, Kasey did say stuff like wanting to punch Jake in the face — for America and his girlfriend — but they decided to replay the clip over and over again to make it look worse. He said some things just to be funny and, when taken out of context, they made him look like a jerk. ABC has an agenda for how they want to portray you, he said. On The Bachelorette he was the over-the-top guy who got a tattoo and on Bachelor Pad he was on the other end, this hothead who just wants to beat people up.

• Kasey and Vienna are passionate people, Michelle said, and that came out on the show. However, she added. "Kasey and Vienna are the most kind, thoughtful, giving people.” They were there for her after her father died and she doesn't want people to misunderstand them. "What people are seeing [on TV] is not what people are."

Part 2 of the BP2 Beatdown will be posted on Tuesday, Sept. 27.


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