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Twitter Round-Up: More from Stephen Nathan, and…What the Heck Is That?

So what’s going on in the Bones Twitterverse this week? Well, most prominently, executive producer Stephen Nathan has been pretty talkative. First and most recently (two minutes ago as of this writing!), the loquacious head honcho broadcast the Bones team’s latest foray into food experimentation. (Readers may recall that it’s not the first time!)

Earlier this week, Nathan provided a tantalizing (if somewhat sparse) look into Bones’s latest big bad: after announcing the imminent wrap-up of episode 6, Nathan made mention of a “[b]ad guy at 5 o’clock. He’d better not ruin dinner.” Pellant must be skulking around on set!

Taking a step away from Stephen Nathan for a moment -- we have to report on this tidbit from executive story editor Dean Lopata. The tweet? “Oh man, wait’ll you see what we do with this!” The pic? Well...see for yourself. Frankly, someone else is going to have to ask what exactly that thing is -- because as a site designed for all audiences, we’re a little too terrified to venture any guesses.

Then today from @David_Boreanaz "Another death on Bones.....what a scene." What does it mean? Did he see...the device?

Source: Twitter

09.23.2011 / 11:08 PM EDT by Drew Belsky
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