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Kim Kardashian Praises Demi Lovato for Opening Up to Fans About Struggles

It might be an odd pairing, but Kim Kardashian and Disney star Demi Lovato have a pretty tight bond.

It’s not news to any pop culture junkie (guilty!) that Demi Lovato hasn’t had an easy time the last year, but Kim recently sent an e-mail to the Los Angeles Times commending the young starlet for being so unguarded with her fans about her battles with issues like bulimia, self injury and bipolar disorder.

"Even though she was going through a difficult time last year, she put herself in an even more vulnerable position by opening up and sharing that part of her journey with her fans,” Kim wrote.

But Demi’s problems threatened her well-being for awhile: While filming Disney series Sonny With A Chance, Demi revealed she would skip meals — to go tanning or sleep, for example — and “learned how to control and manipulate” those around her so they wouldn’t ask questions. Demi was admitted to rehab in December 2010 for what she called a “nervous breakdown,” she told Seventeen.

No worries, though. While she might not be completely ‘cured,’ Demi is in a much better place now. The LA Times reveals Demi has regular post-meal check-ins with her team. And as they say, what doesn’t kill us helps us write great music. (Demi’s new album, Unbroken, dropped this week.)

Glad to hear she’s doing better — and that she has a great friend in Kim!

Source: Los Angeles Times, Seventeen

09.24.2011 / 01:45 AM EDT by Erica Strauss
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