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Grey's Anatomy

All in the Family: A Grey’s Anatomy Reunion on Scandal

Grey's Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes is not only absurdly prolific as a showrunner/producer/overlord, but she's also deeply loyal to her actors. We love what that says about Shonda as a person, and it's a lot of fun for devoted fans of her work. Everybody wins!

The latest Shondaland crossover to get excited about takes place on her new ABC show, Scandal, where Mama and Papa Grey will reunite in a very different setting. Kate Burton (Ellis Grey) will be playing to role of the Vice President of the United States during a multi-episode arc on this new political drama, while Jeff Perry (Thatcher Grey) plays the President's right hand man.

Now all they need is an inter-White House affair, and it'll be Grey's Anatomy all over again.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter