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Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl Season 5 Scoop! Why Is Blair Pregnant — and Who’s the Daddy?

If you watched the Season 5 Gossip Girl premiere, you know that it's not just one character who's with child on the Upper East Side.

It’s no red herring — Dorota (Zuzanna Szadkowski), Blair’s (Leighton Meester) maid and confidante, is pregnant with her second child. But the real shocker was the revelation that the Waldorf household will have two hormonal ladies craving pickles and ice cream.

At a recent screening for Gossip Girl in Los Angeles, Wetpaint Entertainment had the chance to ask executive producer Josh Safran, “Why Blair? Why now?”

“It felt right to us and we did it,” says Safran. “The discussion was, ‘How do we do this properly?’ Not, ‘Should we do this or should we not do this?’ We wanted to go about it the right way.”

We’ve learned that though Blair will initially try to keep her situation a secret, she will soon realize the journey is too complicated to travel alone. She’ll also explore all her options, and considering that Blair is in the throes of planning her November wedding to Prince Louis of Monaco (Hugo Becker), keeping the baby is a feasible one.

“Princesses are quite young when [they have kids],” says Safran. “It’s not outside of the realm of possibility to be pregnant, it’s just a question of the complications that come with that.”

Like how she’ll fit into that snug wedding dress. And although the prince would certainly make a stable parent, the question we’re asking is, “Who’s the daddy?”

“The audience will learn who the father is in the first half of the season,” teases Safran, adding. “Blair’s pregnancy will definitely impact Chuck in a major way.”

Does anyone else think that statement is pregnant with meaning?

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