Credit: Alison Dyer/Parade Magazine    


Is Bones Unsexy?

Break out the torches and pitchforks! Though TV Guide may have steered us right before, those guys have gone over the line today: the famed guru of all things television has placed Bones in a photo gallery of “Unsexiest Sex Scenes”! This is an outrage! It won’t stand! It...

...Wait. Actually, we seem to recall a lot of you expressing some pretty ardent disappointment with how Bones handled Booth (David Boreanaz)’s and Brennan (Emily Deschanel)’s long-awaited intimacy. So for all we know, you, oh beloved readers, agree with TV Guide’s acerbic assessment!

You know what? Let’s get ourselves (and each other!) on the record here. Call it a nostalgia poll -- because it’s not like we haven’t discussed this subject ad nauseam, but hey, that’s what TV coverage does best! Were you delighted or disgusted with the big Bones coupling scene last season?

Source: TV Guide