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Spoiler Alert: All You Need to Know About Damian McGinty’s Glee Appearance

Damian McGinty, who oh-so-dramatically co-won The Glee Project by the skin of his (gleaming) teeth, will make his much-anticipated Glee debut on November 1st!

He'll play Rory Flanagan, an Irish exchange student, natch, who lives with Brittany. Our favorite lovably ditzy Cheerio, of course, believes that Rory is her own personal leprechaun that only she can see. Not kidding. But there's plenty of animosity towards the newbie from the already-established New Directions.

"He does a little falsetto in his first song, and Kurt did not like that because Kurt's the soprano of the group and doesn't want that taken from him," Chris Colfer (Kurt Hummel) told TV Guide.

Plus, Santana turns into the green-eyed monster when Rory potentially steals her sweet lady kisses, since he also has a crush on Brittany. "We just did a fun scene in Brittany's bedroom," Damian revealed. Sounds like trouble for McKinley High's fave girl couple.

Of course, as one of the winners of The Glee Project, Damien's storyline will extend over seven episodes, so we're sure there's plenty of drama to be stirred up by a new glee club member.

Source: TV Guide

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