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Dancing With The Stars

The Reason Behind Nancy Grace’s Nip Slip? She Stuffs Her Bra With Lucky Charms

Nancy Grace’s twins have become the real stars of her Dancing With the Stars Season 13 performances. (And, no, we don’t mean her children.) Nancy’s Week 2 Quickstep had her bouncing out all over the ballroom, but her bra was carrying more precious cargo than just her chesticles — according to TMZ, Nancy has been smuggling some lucky charms in there.

TMZ says Nancy’s actual 3-year-old twins love watching their mom on DWTS and have given her some special items to wear as she dances, including a barrette and a little stone. Since she has nowhere else to put the items, she stuffs them in the bodice of her costumes.

She’d better be careful, though. That bra can only handle so much stress and the real good luck on Week 2 was for anyone hoping for the first serious wardrobe malfunction of Season 13. (That’s probably why they decided to cut to random people not clapping right after Nancy’s Quickstep. She needed time to get the twins back in line. But, seriously, why the non-clapping people? Couldn’t they cut to her cheering husband?) Nancy really is the new Kirstie Alley — just an upgrade. Kirstie was known for her slips and mishaps, but not even Kirstie had a full-on nip slip!

Source: TMZ