Credit: Adam Taylor and Eric McCandless/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    
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Top 4 Castle and Beckett Moments From Castle Season 4, Episode 2: “Heroes & Villains”

Fun? Check. Light-hearted? Check. Adorable? Check again!

This week’s Castle was a far cry from the emotionally draining season premiere, and thank goodness for that. There’s only so much we can take!

This week, Castle waved his nerd flag with pride. And while all the talk of spidey-senses and superhero lairs could’ve been a turn-off, we think his geeky passion made him all the more attractive to one Miss Beckett.

Here are this week’s cutest Caskett moments. Le sigh.

1. Beckett Talks About Herself, But Not Really

Castle is clearly distraught at Alexis’ sudden, impulsive decision to go to Stanford. We think it’s adorb he confides in Beckett (and admits it wasn’t just the onions makin’ those pretty eyes water). But even sweeter was Beckett’s response.

She tells him to let Alexis go or he’ll drag her away. How true! There’s a totally a double meaning here: We’re convinced Beckett’s not just talking about Alexis. Word to Castle: Give Beckett some breathing room or she’ll bolt!

2. Comic Book Talk

Castle goes into full-on geek-out mode on the way to the comic book store. So much so that Beckett has to rein him in a bit and tell him she knows this place is a big deal ‘cause she bought her first comic there when she was 14. Beckett? Comics? We don’t think we’ve ever seen Castle’s eyes like up like that. “Hardcore!” he says. How cute!

Not only that, but there’s another “we’re-talking-about-ourselves-but-pretending-we’re-not” Caskett moment when Castle points out Beckett’s ideal superhero is a “ruthless assassin who hides from her emotions.” Yup. Sounds a lot like someone else we know. Well, OK, at least the second part does. We don’t think Beckett is a sword-wielding vigilante. But then again, this episode proved you just never know.

Credit: Adam Taylor and Eric McCandless/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

3. Beckett is to Hastings as Castle is to Whittaker

After realizing Hastings and Whittaker are totes in lurve, Beckett takes it upon herself to bestow some advice to the fledgling detective. Hastings, like Beckett, is obsessed with getting justice for her father’s murder. But, also like Beckett, she’s got a good guy waiting in the wings. Beckett tells Hastings, “You’re a good cop, and you’ve got someone who cares for you. Don’t be so driven by the past that you throw away your future.”

We think it’s time somebody heeds her own advice.

4. Make-out, Fake-out

Hastings and Whittaker’s love story is so strikingly similar to Castle and Beckett’s that neither one of them can deny it. As Caskett watches the writer and his muse board the elevator, Castle makes a comment about how they’re “just like” he and Beckett. Then, without pause, the duo in the elevator go into full-on make-out mode, leaving Caskett standing there awkwardly next to each other, gawking at the canoodling.

Obviously they’d love to follow suit, but they’re in the office, and well, you know. Things are weird between them.

Instead, Castle — without eye contact — mumbles, “See you tomorrow?” and walks away. Always so close, yet so far away.