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Exclusive Wendy Spoiler! Meaghan Martin Dishes on Wendy’s Mysterious Brothers

Adorable starlet Meaghan Martin is best known for her part as Bianca on the short-lived television series 10 Things I Hate About You. Recently, she's taken up a new role: Playing the iconic Wendy Darling in Alloy's modern retelling of Peter Pan, Wendy.

Wetpaint Entertainment had a chance to talk to the beautiful blonde about the web series, and she opened up about the best parts of working on the show. Plus, a hint about the fate of Wendy's brothers, Michael and John! All might not be as simple as it seems in the mysterious world of Wendy...

Wetpaint Entertainment: How has the response to Wendy been so far?
Meaghan Martin: Pretty awesome. Everybody seems positive about it, they seem to be liking it. From what I've heard a lot of the complaints are that it's not long enough, so that makes me happy.

How did you first get involved in Wendy, and what drew you to the project?
I had a meeting in New York City with the producers from Alloy, and they brought up this modern day, romantic retelling of Peter Pan. I was definitely intrigued. We hadn't really talked about me being a part of it yet — they just said they were doing it — when I got a phone call about a week later offering me the role of Wendy. So that was a huge surprise, and I was really excited, because I love classic fairy tales, and who wouldn't want to be Wendy Darling? So I was eager to be a part of the project.

In Wendy you have two romantic interests. What's it like to film the more intimate, romantic scenes?
I'm pretty used to romantic scenes. When I did Ten Things I Hate About You with Chris Zylka— who played my boyfriend on the show — we had a lot of kissing scenes. It's part of the job as an actor. Which seems really weird! It's really odd to just be like, "Oh yeah, making out with people is just part of my job," but it really is. It definitely makes it easier when I have people like David and Tyler, who are nice guys. That makes it easier. But it's really different than kissing somebody in real life because there are cameras around you, there's a crew, you have to do it at the same time every take, you have to make sure the right person's face is inched towards the camera. It's so much more technical than it is romantic.

There are a lot of scenes where you are acting on your own, silently — such as when you wander through the empty house. What is filming those scenes like?
That was a lot of fun for me. It was definitely different from anything I'd done, and it became really about my reactions and my facial expressions, and the cliche of acting with your eyes. Telling the story through movement, and not using the dialogue. And my joke was that Wendy seems like she's at a loss for words, constantly. She's always like "But I just — I was — I don't — ." Wendy is speechless quite frequently. I don't really blame her, though. If I had this awesome rock star dream boy suddenly appearing to me in real life, I would probably be speechless to.

Do you have any favorite scenes you can tell us about?
I love the stuff in the forest, which aired in the third episode. I loved filming that. It was ridiculously beautiful. That's a real forest in Los Angeles, which is the craziest thing ever. I was watching with my friend, and she was like "where were you guys?" It's like the Avatar world, but it's a real forest in Franklin Canyon, in LA. They added some artificial flowers to add pops of color, because it was mostly green in the forest, but it was stunningly beautiful.

We thought it was an interesting twist that Wendy's brothers appear to be dead. What did you think when you read that, and how did it inform how you played the character?
Well, here's the thing — her brothers are not necessarily dead. They're missing. So that's the fun twist of it: You can kind of interpret that however you want. Some viewers might think that they're dead, some might think that they're missing. Maybe they're somewhere else in some sort of fantasy world. I think that was fun for me, making my decision as Wendy as to where I think they are, what I think is happening. I don't want to give away too much so I won't delve into my interpretation. But I think that's what makes the show captivating: You can interpret it in whatever way you want. It becomes the viewer's story just as much as it is the people telling the story's.

Hmmm... Will we be hearing more about the brothers in future episodes? Find out by watching Wendy! Remember, new episodes air on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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