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What Grade Is Blaine In? Glee Season 3 Update!

UPDATE: Blaine confirms early on in Season 3, Episode 2, "I Am Unicorn," that he is, indeed, a junior. Ruh roh! Looks like the new hottie in the navy blazer won't be the only relationship hurdle these two face this year.

Monday, September 26: We always knew Blaine Anderson was a hot young thang — just not this young. “Blaine is 100% a Junior.” read one tweet from Jamie Steinberg, Managing Editor of Starry Constellation Magazine. “He is worried he won’t get a big part for being in a lower grade.”

As we already know, senior Kurt (Chris Colfer) will try out for the lead role in a school production of West Side Story in Season 3, Episode 2: “I Am Unicorn,” a role also coveted by his boyfriend and new McKinley High student.

We’re not sure why Blaine’s junior status would threaten his chances at landing the lead — he is a natural talent (much like Kurt), and, if this intel is correct, had the kind of star power at Dalton as a sophomore that some of the New Directions seniors only wish they could emulate. (Just sayin.)

Not that it’s totally unlikely Blaine isn’t a part of this year’s graduating class (which includes pretty much everyone except Tina and Artie). In fact, Chris’s early incertitude of a Blaine and Kurt spin-off in NY coupled with this early roadblock in their McKinley High-set relationship is worth an eyebrow raise.

Glee Season 4 Starring Darren Criss”? We can see it...

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