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Burning Questions After Watching Ringer Episode 3: ”If You Ever Want a French Lesson”

We’re three episodes in and Ringer has more than piqued our interest; the pilot kicked off a question spiral that’s got our heads swimming.

“Just when you think you have it figured out, you don’t,” star Sarah Michelle Gellar told

No kidding! Fortunately SMG made a promise to us at ComiCon. “There will be answers,” she promised.

We’re going to hold her to that. Until then, here are six burning questions that top our list.

6. How did Macawi find out about Malcolm?

Credit: The CW    

Apparently the mob boss is very enterprising because he’d tagged Malcolm as a tie to Bridget almost immediately after she left town.

But how did he figure it out? Afterall, they know each other from Narcotics Anonymous — emphasis on that last word.

So it’s not like Bridget would have Malcolm’s first and last name, as well as his address, on her fridge. This leads us to another burning question …

5. If the mob boss has Malcolm's phone, why can’t they just check his outgoing call files?

Seriously. In addition to her messages, Siobhan’s number should be right there. They could have saved a lot of beat down time by just, oh, checking his call history. But what do we know?

4. Does Gemma have the hots for her best friend's husband?

Credit: The CW    

When Siobhan met Gemma at the designer’s showroom and seemed more suspicious than thrilled that Andrew had gotten her such a lavish gift, Gemma spoke up for him like she was his publicist.

Twice she chastised Siobhan for being ungrateful. Then she closed her rant with, “You never think what Andrew does is good enough. But you used to be so happy …Take it from someone who has a husband to complain a lot. Andrew is a good one.”

Now, we know from time to time a girl has to keep her friend in check. But so much praise for one so sketchy? We’re starting to thing Gemma might have a thing for her best friend’s husband too.

3. Did Olivia and Andrew have an affair?

Last week, the Charles part of Martin/Charles company was a bit too touchy-feely with her business partner and Olivia made a rather catty remark to Siobhan about her husband.

This week, the cattiness continued. When Andrew decided to let Henry Butler cash out his investment, Olivia snapped, “Don’t’ throw your wife’s hard earned money down the toilet.” Meow!

2. Why isn’t the hitman’s associate trying to finish the job?

If the Creepy Guy from the party is a cleaner, he’s not very good at it.

Rather than make Siobhan disappear he has done her a favor by getting rid of the body. Now he’s obsessing over that darn cell phone. And at the 227 Pratt street property, he cornered Bridget (who he thinks is Siobhan) and again demanded, “I want the phone.”

Seriously, dude: Why obsesses over a disposable celly when it would be easier just to take the carrier out? Not that we want anything horrible to happen to Bridget but it just seems easier.

1. Does Siobhan have help in Paris?

Credit: The CW    

The lavish way she’s living, she must have. Think about it: Thanks to Agent Machado’s investigation, we know that Siobhan only had $50,000 in her emergency account when Bridget closed it.

Now, a thrifty woman like Bridge could live one or two years off that cash. Siobhan — or Cora Farrell as she now calls herself — is everything but frugal so that money would not have lasted her long. Especially not in the heart of Paris.

So, unless Siobhan really is giving “French lessons” on the side, somebody must be hooking her up. ‘Cause the Hotel La Pivone does not look that cheap.

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