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Dancing With The Stars

DWTS: Most Memorable Wardrobe Malfunctions of All Time

Nancy Grace wasn't the only star to have a wardrobe malfunction in the ballroom! With dancers working the floor in itt- bitty costumes held together by smidge of double stick tape and a prayer, it's no surprise wardrobe malfunctions are an inevitable (not to mention wildly amusing) part of Dancing with the Stars. Add on crazy wigs, sky-high heels, and swinging skirts and we've got a performance rife with booby traps — literally! Nonetheless, the show must go on! Here are the biggest costume snafus throughout the seasons.

(With additional reporting by Gina Carbone)

Jake Rips Off Chelsie’s Dress

Risky Business indeed! On Season 10, Week 5 — dubbed "Movie Night" — Bachelor star Jake Pavelka channeled Tom Cruise but failed to correctly cruise by partner Chelsie Hightower during a complex turn, accidentally grabbing her dress and revealing some boobage. "It was just my cup," Chelsie insisted to TV Guide. Just blame Jake, it's what everyone else does.

Monique's Slipping Skirt

Actress Monique Coleman gave the audience more than they bargained for in Season 3! Performing a peppy Jive with partner Louis Van Amstel, Monique's vigorous hip-shaking and kicking nearly lost her her skirt! The fringed garment fell daringly low, exposing her booty to the crowd! Monique recovered from the crack attack like a pro, swiftly sliding up her skirt.

Kim Plays Peek-a-Boob

Clearly, Derek's been struck by the costume curse. For their Jive routine in Season 8, sassy rapper Lil' Kim strutted in a sexy policewoman uniform (which didn't seem so far off from what she wears in real life). We held our breath as her too-tight top endured bounce after bounce. Surprisingly, the rapper made it through the entire dance without pulling a Janet Jackson. Just when we thought we were safe, LK's top reached its breaking point: it popped open during judging. Luckily, Tom Bergeron was there to block her exposed cleave from the cameras!

Derek and Jennie Take a Tumble

The Quickstep. It's all about springy movements, sure-footed steps, and... embarrassing pratfalls? Well, at least that's what happened during actress Jennie Garth and Derek Hough's Quickstep in Season 5. The rousing routine went off without a hitch... until the very end. Derek attempted to swing his partner up, but wound up stepping on her skirt before he could get her in the air. The goof-up brought them both crashing down — the first fall in DWTS history!

Edyta Gets All Tangled Up

In Season 8, retired football player Lawrence Taylor covered up partner Edyta Sliwinska's slinky form in a conservative (at least by DWTS standards!) ombre dress he designed specially for her. (We know Lawrence meant well by trying to keep Edyta away from her usual arsenal of nearly nude costumes.) But unfortch, after a twirl, the Polish Prancer found herself tangled in the swaths of her gown's fabric, which trapped her head in a long flowy layer. See, Lawrence, she doesn't don those skimpy outfits for titillation. It's all about function... and safety!

Kelly's Strap Snaps

Costume troubles have haunted DWTS since the very beginning! In Season 1, soap star Kelly Monaco dared to dance a sensual Samba with partner Alec Mazo. After one shoulder shimmy too many, Kelly's bodice strap broke. Thanks to some cleverly hidden wardrobe adjustments during the dance, she managed to keep the keep her ta-tas from cha-chaing out of her costume! With quick thinking like that, it's no wonder she bagged the very first mirrorball trophy!

One of Nancy’s twins break free

She’ll deny it to the grave, but Nancy Grace did have a wardrobe malfunction on Season 13, Week 2 — even if it’s just that she was given too low-cut a dress for the Quickstep. That qualifies as a malfunction. No one wants to see the HLN legal eagle bouncing her boobage all over the ballroom, even if the girls stay in place. But they did not stay in place, which is why the cameras cut to stock footage of random people looking like they were at a funeral, giving Nancy time to get her twins in order.

Melissa Slips Some Nip

Poor Melissa Rycroft! The reality star has had some of her most embarrassing moments recorded on camera (remember when The Bachelor's Jason Mesnick dumped her on live television?)! Back in Season 8, Melissa danced a seductive Samba with partner Tony Dovolani. But it's what happened after the dance that put this moment at the top of our list. During her walk back toward the judges, Melissa's goodies popped out of her top, flashing host Tom Bergeron. Despite Melissa's obvious embarrassment, the cool and composed host laughed off the nip slip — after all, wardrobe malfunctions are just a part of the job description.

Crazy Cloris Loses Her Wig

Since Cloris Leachman seemed to lose her mind completely on DWTS Season 7, it wasn’t too shocking to see her wig leave with it. During a crazed Week 3 Jive, Cloris' saint of a partner, Corky Ballas, seemed to latch onto her wig and it came off in his hands. He looked alarmed and threw it across the room. (Can't blame him.) At the end of the dance, the wigless Cloris and Corky collapsed on the ground in comic distress. Those crazy kids were so much fun.

Karina Trips Over Ralph’s Cape

Ralph Macchio's Matrix-esque Paso Doble was going so well on Season 12, Week 6 ... until Karina Smirnoff tripped over his long cape. She went down. He helped her up, but the damage was done. She was upset with herself, but that's what happens when the costumes are created for effect as opposed to practical application. Not that we're complaining! We wouldn't even remember this dance without the fall.

Kirstie Loses Her Shoe

Only Kirstie Alley would take a mid-dance break to fix her shoe. It was Classical Week on DWTS Season 12 and Kirstie's shoe just happened to jump off during her Waltz, so she stopped on the floor to strap it back on. Some folks wondered if it was intentional, since the mishap followed the previous week’s fumble, where Maksim Chmerkovskiy's leg gave out, dropping Kirstie to the floor. Anything for attention!