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Secret Life of the American Teenager

Exclusive: Allen Evangelista on His Engagement, New Baby and That Crazy Secret Life Finale!

In an example of life imitating art, Allen Evangelista who plays Henry Miller on The Secret Life of the American Teenager is about to welcome his first child — a son — at the end of October.

“When Brenda [Hampton], our showrunner found out about it she was like, ‘Don’t you know what show you’re on?’” laughs Allen.

“But everyone’s excited. Everyone’s been amazingly supportive, so it’s been really good.”

We got a chance to talk exclusively to the dad-to-be about his September 24 proposal to girlfriend “Nina B”, becoming a real life father and, while we were at it, got some scoop from upcoming episodes of Secret Life as well.

Wetpaint Entertainment: We hear that your private life is as exciting as the show you’re on. Did you recently get engaged?

Allen Evangelista: Yes. I proposed to my girlfriend and she said yes. So I am currently engaged.

How did you propose?

Actually, we’re making a video of it. My friends and I do spoofs, they’re short films that are funny — hopefully. And we did this thing called Secret Asian Man, where I play James Bond, but Asian, and hilarity ensues.

So we did a Secret Asian Man where he’s trying to get this briefcase, and we go through the whole trailer where he’s kidnapped and they take the case away from him, so he spends the rest of the film trying to get it back. And inside the briefcase was the ring.

We shot the video and we aired it at the baby shower, and my girlfriend had no idea it was going to be about proposing. So she’s watching this, and then I walked out when the trailer was done, in a James Bond suit, carrying this briefcase, and then I go up to her and do the proposal thing.

We had a bunch of cameras running so we’re going to make a YouTube video and release it soon.

And you’re also having a baby?

Yes, we are expecting and it should be happening very soon.

Are you nervous to become a real-life dad?

I was at the very beginning, as you can expect. But not anymore. It’s just excitement now. I just want him — it’s a boy — to come out ASAP. This waiting around sucks.

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How soon is soon?

The due date is October 27.

You’re notoriously private, why share this?

You have this idea about Hollywood where you want to keep your private life separate from what you do on screen, and one of the benefits of that is that in my case I can play high school, but I’m a little older than that so you want the general public to believe that you’re in high school.

In this business it’s always good to play young and stay young.

So, how old are you?

That I will take to my grave.

I guess it’s safe to say you’re not 16.

I am not 16. And I guess if people are going to see me in public pushing a stroller, there’s no reason to hide it anymore.

Can you see Henry ever being a dad on the show?

It’s so weird. Picturing him at 16, I don’t know. I can’t see it, but you never know what could happen!

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How was that for a season finale?

It was crazy. The first time that we heard what was going to happen, we were all flabbergasted. I called Francia [Raisa], because we’re really close, and I was like, “I heard something and I don’t know if people are messing around with me or not but apparently we hook up.”

And we were both like “Oh my God!” We’re literally like brother and sister so it was very funny.

She said she almost got into a car accident because she thought a kiss between you two would be so incestuous.

I was looking all around for a script, because crew members get them first, and the first thing I wanted to see was if it was true.

The second thing was, I wanted to see if we were doing anything physical, because that would be really, really, really awkward.

Does that mean that Henry and Alice are done, done, done?

It takes a definite toll on the relationship. I can tell you that she’s really pissed and of course, we know that Ben is going to eventually find out.

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How is the relationship between Henry and Ben going to play out?

There’s going to be a confrontation. That’s all I can say about that.

Francia says that Adrian sees nothing wrong about what happened.

You can tell from that scene that she was more like, “Thank you. That was fun.” And on the record, it was completely her character’s fault. Come on! Henry can’t seduce anybody.

But Henry took a massive step in breaking up with Alice this season. Were you surprised?

I expected them to be together forever, but me and Amy Rider who plays Alice were both saying, “Are we going to break up yet?” I guess Brenda heard us.

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Does Henry get a love interest?

He does. As far as what we’re shooting right now, I can say that he does, but I can’t say who.

What can you say about the new characters that were introduced in the finale?

Dylan (Ana Lucasey), Ben’s new infatuation, she’s definitely still in place, right now. When we come back, we start summer school and a lot of us end up going for funny reasons that you’ll see. We seem to all be going to summer school.

Raven (Christian Serratos) comes into play too. I think Brenda introduced these characters for a reason. Most of whom you saw there are still around.

So does smoking pot force Ben to go through summer school?

He definitely gets in trouble for something. It could be that!

Is anyone on that show still happy? Are Amy and Ricky still engaged? Living in that loft?

I can say that they’re still engaged. That’s good, right?

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