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Jersey Shore

Heartbreak Shore: The Biggest Jersey Shore Relationship Blow-Ups

What do you get when you mix over-sexed guidos, unlimited booze, and the stress of reality life? Giant relationship fight after giant relationship fight, of course. While SamRon is the iconic embattled Jersey Shore couple, they are hardly the only orange lovers to put all their crazy out there for the whole world to gawk at, as Snooki and Jionni so clearly proved during Season 4. So let's take a look back at some of the biggest relationship blow-ups in Jersey Shore history.

Jionni Runs Out on Snooki
Jersey Shore’s tiniest couple looked like they were dunzo after Jionni blew up at Snooks after she flashed him in a club on Season 4, Episode 8. Jionni literally ran away from his problems by ditching Snooki and the rest of the Jersey Shore crew, despite JWOWW’s pleas for him to come back and, well, act like an adult.

Sam & Ronnie Have a Situation
After being back together all of 24 hours, Sam and Ronnie had an explosive fight on Season 4, Episode 5 after Sam mentioned that The Situation had told the group that Ronnie was bragging about bringing home girls (which, to be fair, he was). Eventually, The Situation got involved in the argument, leading him to smack his own head against a concrete wall out of sheer frustration with the never-ending SamRon drama. Ronnie dumped Sam (again) but you can never really keep these two apart.

Who’s Dippin’?
Roger and JWOWW had their first blow-up when Jenni accused her beefed-up beau of “pulling a dip” on her and the rest of the cast in Season 3, Episode 11. See, the crew spotted Roger driving on the highway and tried to get his attention, but he sped off and pulled a “dip.” JWOWW went home and left a perfectly JWOWW-y phone message for Roger, who called her back and got mad because she didn’t trust him. JWOWW realized that she may have misinterpreted Roger’s actions and the two made up.

Arvin & The Chipmunks
Ah, the ol’ Arvin question. Even though SamRon were broken up, Mike riled Ronnie up by claiming that Sammi was attempting to hook up via text with their mutual friend Arvin in Season 3, Episode 11. Ronnie got mad, Sam got even madder and the name Arvin is forever associated with shady texting.

Ronnie Roid-Rages All Over Sam
On another one of their “off” periods, Ronnie showed the physical side of his anger towards Sammi when he completely lost it in Season 3, Episode 7 after seeing Sam dance with another man at a club. Ronnie destroyed almost all of Sammi’s possessions. Sammi returned and had an (understandable) breakdown and decided that she needed to leave the Shore house.

Sammi Sweetpunch
We got to see the not-so-sweet side of Sammi when she flew into a rage and punched Ronnie after she caught him sharing a friendly hug with JWOWW in Season 3, Episode 5. Surprisingly, the rest of house rallied around Sam after she voiced her loneliness, and everyone kissed and made up.

JWOWW began to get feelings for Roger, a handsome young chap that she met while hanging out at the Shore. The only problem was that JWOWW was still in a relationship with Tom, her boyfriend/self-proclaimed manager. After getting into a heated argument over the phone with Tom, JWOWW drove back to her home in Long Island in Season 3, Episode 4, only to discover that he had trashed her home and left her two dogs to fend for themselves. Animal abuse: Not cool! JWOWW took the pups with her back to New Jersey and the house got adorable new roomies!

A Lie, a Letter, and a Big Damn Fight
Once upon a time, way back in the beginning of Season 2, Ronnie cheated on Sammi. Soon, everyone in the house knew — everyone except Sammi, that is. She eventually got wind of it, but couldn't get anyone to confirm, until finally all the tension came to a head in Season 2, Episode 5, after Snooki and JWOWW wrote her an anonymous letter explaining Ronnie's dirty deeds. The craziest thing about this fight was that most of the backlash actually landed on the guidettes who wrote Sammi the latter, and not Ronnie, the guy who cheated on her. Oh, Sam.

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