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The Vampire Diaries

Nina Dobrev Would Love for Elena to Be Single for Awhile

Though it’s hit a few snags recently, it’s hard not to be envious of Elena Gilbert’s (Nina Dobrev) love life — not only was she once attached at the hip with the loyal and honorable Stefan (Paul Wesley), the older, less civilized yet equally hot Salvatore is obsessed with her.

Nina recently chatted with E! about Elena’s options for love, and the 22-year-old Canadian says her character refuses to believe her relationship with Stefan is in trouble.

“Elena is so hopeful and so passionate and driven to help and find Stefan and save him, that she's ignoring all the red flags,” Nina says. But Dobrev she sees where E’s coming from.

“I think every single person can say that they've been in one of those relationships that they're so blissfully unaware and in love that they don't see the big picture — that the relationships is destructive or not good for them until they separate from it,” Nina explains. Maybe that’s partly why it’s so hard for Elena to admit she cares about Damon (Ian Somerhalder)?

“She's in denial and she doesn't want to say anything out loud,” Nina says of Miss Gilbert’s feelings for Damon. “If she says it or thinks it, then it makes it real. I think that she's deflecting and avoiding her problems. It's the elephant in the room. Everyone knows it and she's just avoiding it.”

So who does Nina think Elena should be with? Should she wait around for Stefan, who may or may not ever go back to his pre-Ripper self, or should she open up her heart to Damon, flawed and unpredictable as he may be?

How about neither?

“I would love to see her single for awhile,” Nina tells E! “I think every girl needs to take a break in between relationships to reevaluate their priorities and their goals.”

We second that notion. (Case-in-point: We found out last week Elena’s main motivation in life isn’t exactly earth shattering. That girl needs some career counseling or something.)

Source: E!

09.29.2011 / 02:46 AM EDT by Erica Strauss
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