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Dancing With The Stars

The DWTS Anthrax Scare: Who Was It Sent To?

This is the second time in a year that Dancing With the Stars has dealt with white powder scares. Of course the fear is always that it’s going to be anthrax, or another harmful substance. Thankfully it has yet to be anything more than annoying.

Wednesday afternoon, an envelope with suspicious — but ultimately harmless — white powder was sent to the CBS studio, intended for Dancing With the Stars. Fans may remember this story: Last year, on the Fall 2010 season of DWTS, the studio went into lockdown when staff found white powder in a letter addressed to celeb dancer Bristol Palin. Ultimately authorities declared that white stuff to be talcum powder.

Since Bristol was targeted last year, the obvious guess is that the latest envelope was intended for DWTS’ new controversial contestant, Chaz Bono, especially since he escaped elimination on Season 13, Week 2, despite having the lowest score of the week.

That definitely annoyed some non-fans, but enough to send random white powder to the studio, knowing that it would spark another fear frenzy? Who knows. Another option could be Nancy Grace, who caught national attention when she had a nip slip on live TV during Monday's performance show. Is there really someone out there who hates nipples that much?

Either way, it’d be nice if whoever did this would stop being so childish and protest dancing the Len Goodman way — with finely timed insults and grumpy faces.

Source: TMZ