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Pretty Little Liars

Ultimate Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Primer: The Montgomerys

Aria’s (Lucy Hale) family — the Montgomerys — in Pretty Little Liars have stayed relatively close through thick and thin, but we’re not saying it’s been a piece of cake. Infidelity, a trip to Iceland, both of the parents’ apparent inability to cook — this family has survived it all! Here’s a rundown of what we know about the family, and what we can’t wait to find out when Season 2 finally returns.

Aria Montgomery
It’s hard not to fall for quirky yet thoughtful Aria — as plenty of guys have learned the hard way. Somehow, Aria and Ezra (Ian Harding) — or rather, “Mr. Fitz” to everyone else — have managed to keep their relationship a secret, although Ella is getting awfully close to finding out that her daughter has been dating the English teacher. Let’s just hope Ella never finds out that the first place Aria and Ezra kissed was in a bar bathroom. Classy.

Ella Montgomery
Kind-hearted and just a little bossy (but isn’t that just how moms are?), Ella (Holly Marie Combs) — now a teacher at Rosewood — patched up her often-rocky marriage to Byron. The break-up was hard on their son Mike, but it might have been even harder on Aria, who had to deal with her mom having eyes for her boyfriend. That’s a type of mother-daughter bonding that no one wants. (Aria should just be glad that Ella still thinks Ezra is dating Spencer (Troian Bellisario). Ella isn’t likely to stay that delusional for long!)

Byron Montgomery
Byron (Chad Lowe) is a bright professor and a sensitive father, although he’s not immune to the occasional lapse in parental judgment. (Coercing your daughter into keeping your infidelity a secret from your wife? Not the best idea.) Byron appears to have put his roving eye behind him and now is dedicated to keeping his family together. He also has gotten thisclose to discovering Aria and Ezra’s relationship. Aria should be thankful that her parents are not exactly as good at picking up clues as, say, the CSI team.

Mike Montgomery
Mike (Cody Christian) is athletic and popular at school, but saying that he’s had a tough time dealing with his parents’ separation is like saying that we have a tough time not drooling every time Ezra or Toby has his shirt off (in other words, it’s a pretty big understatement). Mike has broken into several homes and shown signs of depression, causing a rift between him and Aria. If only Byron were able to make everything better by dressing up as an elderly nanny, a la Mrs. Doubtfire.

Pretty Little Liars is currently on hiatus but you can catch a special Halloween episode on Wednesday, October 19 on ABC Family!