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You Tell Us! Which Glee Duo Should Play Maria and Tony?

Auditions for the two starring roles in the McKinley High production of West Side Story have already begun — and we want to know who you think will triumph in the end!

The Contenders:
Rachel (Lea Michele) seems like an obvious choice for the leading role of Maria, though a proven vocal powerhouse like Mercedes (Amber Riley) could really give her a run for her money.

As far as Maria’s lover, Tony, is concerned, we all know Kurt (Chris Colfer) would kill for the part. But is Kurt smooth enough to make all the girls fall in love with him? That seems more like a job for Blaine (Darren Criss) — if the former Warbler is okay with sticking a knife in his boyfriend’s back, that is!

The Pairings:
The way we see it, this could go down one of four ways.

Rachel and Kurt: When it comes to sheer talent and Broadway star quality, these two are hard to beat. Their vocal performances together are always stunning, but Rachel and Kurt lack the chemistry and romantic tension needed to make them a believable couple.

Rachel and Blaine: No lack of chemistry here! In fact, Blaine’s kiss with Rachel last season was so hot — that even the out-and-proud gay Blaine seriously questioned his sexuality. We’d say they’re the front runners at this point. But Blaine and Rachel take center stage all the time. Couldn’t somebody else get the spotlight once in a while?

Mercedes and Kurt: Mercedes can knock those iconic Broadway vocals out of the park just as well as Rachel, so it’d be great to see her take center stage! But can we really picture Kurt as the Tony to her Maria? Then again, Glee is all about the unexpected. Maybe they can pull it off!

Mercedes and Blaine: With Mercedes bringing her diva-licious twist to the character of Maria, pairing her up with the charismatic and charming Blaine could really make these two the couple to beat! But will Blaine even try out for the part, knowing how much Kurt wants it? It turns out — many of you think he will. Uh-oh.