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America's Next Top Model

Exclusive! ANTM All-Star Isis King Responds to Camille’s “Real Woman” Comment

In a shocking turn of events, fan favorite Isis King was eliminated from Cycle 17 of America’s Next Top Model last night. Despite acing her interview with Extra’s Mario Lopez, only half the modelstants were vulnerable to elimination this week, and she found herself stuck on that unlucky “team” when it lost the interview challenge overall. What’s worse, Camille, her supposed partner in the photo shoot, whined that she’d be embarrassed to lose to the transgender beauty because she’s not “a real woman”! In an exclusive Wetpaint Entertainment interview, Isis wonders what the hell Camille was thinking, tells us about Camille’s recent attempts to “cover her tracks”—and takes a look back at her second trip to Tyra-land.

How do you feel about getting cut?
I definitely feel like there was no justification for sending me home. Anyone who watched the episode clearly can see that I had a variety of images during the photo shoot. I had high energy. For them to say that I got weaker and weaker, or that I didn’t have energy, you can clearly see that that wasn’t true. Also, in the challenge, Nigel said I was the most on-brand. I got the best compliments about the interview. So you would think that that would hold some weight in the panel also, but it’s reality TV, what can you do?

Why did they eliminate you?
Honestly, I don’t know. They got rid of Brittany and Sheena, who are two of two of the biggest personalities, and are also two of the girls who had most brand potential. I think of us three we have the biggest personalities and the most brand potential and we were pitched a show focused on your branding, your individual talents, and your star quality. And if all those things were the case, then I don’t know why they went home. I look at the episode, I slow it down, I really watch it, and it just doesn’t make any sense.

How hard was it to keep your elimination a secret?
It’s been really hard, especially since I have one of largest fan bases, so to see all of these people believe in me and think that I’m going to go all the way, and I can’t say anything. I mean it’s flattering, but it’s so hard.

What do you make of Camille’s comment?
I got a text from her and I was just reading it. About, you know, how editing and this and that and continuous questions made it look like that. But right before you called I just replayed it and really looked at that part and, honestly, you’ll never know if someone had the intention to be malicious or not. But one thing I do know is, words can’t be put in your mouth. I don’t know what she meant by it or if she didn’t really mean it, but it didn’t bother me because, number one, I’ve been there before. And number two, I’m very confident in myself and my abilities. Someone else’s opinion about me doesn’t matter to me.

What else did she say in the text?
Just a long paragraph about how she wasn’t trying to offend me. I feel like maybe it was just a way to try to cover her tracks. Honestly, it is what it is. I saw it straight-on, her comment. But it’s okay because that’s her opinion. My goal in life is not to try to make everyone believe who I am is who I am.

Do you think Camille felt threatened by you when you were paired off in the photo shoot on stilts?
I naturally outshine people. That’s just natural. I’m not trying to compete with you in a group picture. I thought we were trying to balance off of each other, you know? I thought the whole point was to try to give each other energy to take a great picture.

Are you still friends with Tyra?
I would say that the experience is definitely a work relationship. I don’t know if she really comes down off her pedestal and really gets to know anyone.

How have your fans reacted?
Everyone is very disappointed. At least this time — you know last time they didn’t have enough footage of me, to where it looked like, “Oh, I could’ve done that. I could have done better.” This time I was so confident in everything I did. Even with the footage that they have of me, I don’t think it was enough to justify what they said. I was confident, I was high energy, I had fun. It was nothing like the first time around.

What’s next for you?
I’m still pursuing an acting career. I’m going to be shooting my first film, Hello Forever, in the Philippines. I’m not just looking for attention. I want to develop my talents. So I don’t believe I’ve ever had a 15 minutes nor would I ever want a 15 minutes. I just want the longevity of someone with talent.

Need more Ice? Be sure to follow her on twitter @MsIsisKing!

09.30.2011 / 01:36 AM EDT by Ian Spiegelman
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