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The Vampire Diaries

Songs From the Vampire Diaries Season 3, Episode 3: “The End of the Affair”

Flappers! White bowties! Bathtub bourbon! Whenever The Vampire Diaries flashes back to a bygone era, we’re left dizzy from the revelations that spill out like so much blood from a Ripper victim. Nothing says the ‘20s like jazz, and TVD’s music pro Chris Mollere managed to capture the vibe of an underground speakeasy with some current songs and some throwbacks. Get the roaring soundtrack to Season 3, Episode 3, “The End of the Affair” below.

Source: Chris Mollere’s Twitter

Song: "Distance"
Artist: Christina Perri
Music moment: Elena wakes up with Damon
The sun is filling up the room,

And I can hear you dreaming

Do you feel the way I do, right now?

I wish we would just give up,

‘Cause the best part is falling

Calling anything but love

And I will make sure you keep my distance

Say I love you when you’re not listening,

How long, can we keep this up, up, up?

Please don’t stand so close to me

I’m having trouble breathing

I’m afraid of what you’ll see right now

Song: "Run Wild"
Artist: Ume
Music moment: Damon finds out Klaus and Stefan are running an errand for Gloria
Could you grant you wish?
To be cageless
To long to be free
And enamored always
Run towards the west
To be ageless
Chance is you won’t get
What is left to chance
All rise
Follow through
On the loose
Caught in crossfire
Lost in fireworks
Run girl

Song: "My Sweet Hunk O' Trash"
Artist: Gloria's 1920's Band
Music moment: Rebekah scolds Stefan because she wants to listen to Gloria sing
You don't add up to much,
Ain't got that glamour touch,
You're trifling lazy and worth a cigarette ash!
You're just my good for nothin',
My sweet hunk o' trash!
You're very short on looks, (Hear hear hear!)
Dumb when it comes to books,
And you stay full of corn just like succotash!
You’re just a good for nothin',
But my sweet hunk o' trash!

Song: "You Should Know"
Artist: Pink Frost
Music moment: Damon and Elena drive to Chicago
How does it feel, how does it feel?

Come to me a lovely sort of death

Come and take me by the hand

Turn to face, circumvent

When we die like all the stars in space

Song: "We Come out at Night"
Artist: Snake! Snake! Snakes!

Can’t turn back now I can take it

Let the sun come out, let the sun come out

Baby let’s ride over night when there’s no one to fail you

Ride, baby let’s ride all she’ll smother and break you

Darling let’s ride all night alright

Song: "Blood Ball"
Artist: . The Elliots

Song: "Kale"
Artist: Nerves Junior
Music moment: Damon tells Klaus, “Honey, I’ve been called worse”
I miss you

Broken glass jars of jelly jam

To get through breakfast

Sticky cottons on an unmade bed

Plastics will last forever

Isn’t that a lullaby

Brown sugar, cinnamon

A matchbox hiding place

Wipe the poor tears on my sleeve

Learn to leave it up to me

I put you in a jacket and your brown shoes

Practice speaking normally, I can’t handle it

Can’t we just put it away? But now I can’t handle it

Song: "Shelter" (The xx Cover)
Artist: Birdy
Music moment: Caroline cries to Tyler that her father hates her
I find shelter in this way
Under cover, hide away
Can you hear when I say
I have never felt this way
Maybe I had said something that was wrong
Can I make it better with the lights turned on
Maybe I had said something that was wrong
Can I make it better with the lights turned on
Could I be, was I there
It felt so crystal in the air
I still want to drown whenever you leave
Please teach me gently how to breathe
And I'll cross oceans like never before
So you can feel the way I feel it too
And I'll mirror images back at you
So you can see the way I feel it too
Maybe I had said something that was wrong
Can I make it better with the lights turned on

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