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The Secret Circle

The Secret Circle’s Gale Harold: Charles’ Agenda of Protection

The late great Grandpa Henry wrote off Charles Meade as a power-hungry watch dog, but we know better. Behind those villainous eyes and that leather jacket lies a man with an agenda –– to protect his family and steal back his pet rock!

“I think there’s another list of questions that he asks himself,” Gale Harold tells Redeye. “Not good or bad or right or wrong, but how am I going to protect first of all my family, which is my daughter. That spreads out to the bigger family, which is potentially the coven and his relationship with Dawn [Natasha Henstridge] and how that can be protected and how it can be hidden from the world.”

Charles considers Dawn extended family because they were in the same coven, but what about Ethan (Adam Harrington)? Why does Charles have it out for him?

“There’s a history between Ethan and Charles in terms of what’s happened in the past,” Gale says. “But also he’s a drunk. He’s just an X-factor and you can’t really allow that to roam around free. And if I’m not going to murder the guy, then he’s got to know that everything he does has consequences.”

Consequences like lying in a pool of water-vomit? We have to admit – as hard as we’re crushing on Charles, he’s not the most emphatic witch on the block. But at least Gale Harold loves him!

“I do like Charles,” Gale says. “And to put a finer point on that, you have to like your character; it doesn’t necessarily to me mean that you have to like this person. I think what you have to like is his ability or her ability to communicate how confused they are or how possessed they are or how seemingly good they are while absolutely, realistically having the potential to do bad things.... If you don’t have any feeling for the person, then you’re not going to care what happens to them.”

We can’t wait to see Charles “do bad things” on tonight’s all new episode of The Secret Circle!

Source: Redeye

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