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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Season 3, Episode 3, “The End of the Affair” Recap: The Ripping Twenties

We knew Stefan Salvatore had a dark history. Little did we suspect that it would be with Original Vampire Klaus. In “The End of the Affair” we learn that the two neck nibblers have a lot in common — more than Stefan can remember.


The episode opens with Katherine calling Damon to flirt and to give him a heads-up on his little brother. Stefan, it seems, is in Chicago — a place he haunted frequently back in the Roaring Twenties. Damon wastes no time in telling Elena and, in a move that shows how the elder Salvatore will do anything to get quality alone time with our girl, he invites her to ride along with him to get Stefan.

On the road to Chicago, Damon gives Elena Stefan’s diary. He wants her to see (and undoubtedly be appalled by) Dark Stefan. She swears she already knows that side of him. Convinced that she doesn’t, Damon reads her a passage where Stefan confesses to regularly blacking out and waking up covered in blood with women he doesn’t remember.

Damon was right. Elena didn’t know Stefan’s dark side that well. So now his diary is a page-turner that she must have. “Eyes on the road Grandma,” she tells Damon as she starts to read.

Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW ©2011    

Damon Gets on the OV’s Last Nerve

Leaving Elena in the alley, Damon marches into Gloria’s and plops down right next to Klaus. His goal is to distract the OV while Elena talks — or Vervain-darts — some sense into Stefan. The plan almost costs him his life.

Klaus has fun kicking Damon’s butt. He’s got our boy down on the ground and is about to stab him with a broken chair leg when the make-do spike bursts into flames. “Not in my bar,” the witch Gloria says. “You take it outside.”

Out in the alley, Stefan easily thwarts Elena’s attempt to drug him. “I don’t want to come home,” he tells her. “That part of my life is done. I don’t want to see you. I don’t want to be with you. I just want you to go.” He looks deep into her eyes. He means it. She tears up.

Home Not-So-Sweet Home

Meanwhile, back in the dungeon the Mystic Falls town council built, Bill is trying to torture the vampirism out of his daughter. He takes her daywalker ring. Then, using a form of aversion therapy, he repeatedly waves a bag of human blood in front of Caroline’s face. When her eyes reflexively go all vampire-veiny, he opens the jail’s skylight and lets her burn for a bit. “Blood controls you sweetheart. This is how I’m going to fix you,” he says. “I’m conditioning you to associate vampirism with pain.” Ouch.

Daddy Dearest tough loves Caroline until the sun goes down. Then he heads home for the night. But, on his way out, Sheriff Forbes stops him. “That’s our daughter in there,” she says, pointing a gun at her ex-husband’s head.

With Tyler’s help, they overpower Bill and free Caroline. Back at the house Car curls up in bed with Ty and cries. Clearly, it’s going to be a while before Blondie gets over this.

Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW ©2011    

Chicago, Chicago! It’s a Wonderful Town

Over in the Windy City, Klaus is busy walking Stefan down memory lane. ”I know how much you loved it here,” he says. “Bringing back memories of the good old Ripper days.”

They’ve come back so that Klaus, who is absolutely obsessed with making an army of hybrids, can consult a super witch to find out where his spell went wrong. Lucky for him, that witch is still alive and looking damn good thanks to herbs and spells. She now owns the bar he used to frequent. Even named it “Gloria’s,” after herself.

After some catching up, Gloria agrees to help Klaus fix the spell but first he must help her conjure the Original Witch. He’s a man obsessed so it’s a done deal. While they’re chatting Stefan spots a black-and-white photo of himself and Klaus looking all buddy-buddy. What the bleep?! It was taken in the 1920s in that very bar. Turns out he and Klaus first met during Prohibition when the bar was a speakeasy.

Apparently, Stefan used to date Klaus’s little sister Rebecca. The two were terrors together, sharing tons of human meals and torturing folk for fun. That speakeasy was their hangout.

Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW ©2011    

The Business at Hand

Back in Chi Town, Rebecca has dined on a security guard and is now fully awake. The minute she sees her big bro, she stabs him with the knife that had been in her chest. It doesn’t kill him, of course, and they joke about it.

Meanwhile, post-break up Stefan learns even more about his forgotten past. Turns out, he, Rebecca, and Klaus were thick as thieves until the Chicago Police raided the speakeasy. The cops were looking for the original vamp siblings. As it just so happens, Klaus — a.k.a. the guy who killed most of his own family — was on the run from someone big and badder than himself.

When the cops arrived Klaus grabbed his sister and ran. But she refused to leave Stefan. So Klaus stabbed her with the only knife that will stop an original and put her in storage.

Stefan still doesn’t remember any of this. Klaus tells him why. Back in the day he’d compelled Stefan to forget.

It’s a Family Affair

Having restored Stefan’s memory, Klaus now tells his sister that he woke her up so she can contact the Original Witch. She instinctively touches her now-bare neck. The key to doing that is in the necklace she was wearing the night the bar was raided. It’s the same necklace she dropped as they ran out. It’s also the necklace the newly compelled Stefan found and, decades later, unknowingly gave Elena. Yes, the very same one our girl currently has around neck. Yikes!

Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW ©2011    

Elena’s in the House

Having survived yet another 12-hour road trip together, Damon takes Elena to Stefan’s old Chicago apartment. They break in and he shows her Stefan’s wall of horrors — a hidden closet where he recorded all the names of his hundreds of victims. When Damon sees that even this doesn’t turn her off his brother, he leaves her there to come up with a plan while he goes to look for Stefan. Bad move.

After going to wake his sister, who’s been lying in repose with a white ash wood knife in her chest since the last time the trio was together, Klaus takes Stefan to see his old apartment. He wants to show Stefan more of his own bad self. Busy reading Stefan’s journal, Elena barely has time to hide in the secret closet before they come in.

When Klaus opens the closet door to show Stefan the wall, Elena squeezes into a corner. Stef sees her but pretends he doesn’t. Don’t ask us why Original Vamp Klaus doesn’t smell the doppelganger or hear her frightened heartbeat. But he doesn’t. And the two bloodsuckers go back to Gloria’s for a drink.

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