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Jersey Shore

You Tell Us! Which Jersey Shore Cast Member Speaks the Best Italian?

We've watched the Jersey Shore cast bumble around Italy in Season 4 for weeks and it's become pretty clear that certain cast members used their Italian Rosetta Stones more than others.

As an Italian speaker, we surmised Vinny would have the best grasp of the language, but we've recently been impressed by none other than Sammi Sweetheart. Yes, Sweatpants took over steering the cab driver home in last week's episode following Snooki's epic meltdown, and she actually didn't do too badly. To be fair, drunk foreign language skills tend to be more impressive than sober attempts, but still, good on Sammi.

The Situation is also a contender, although he likes to make up words a lot, and has a tendency to cling to the one Italian word he's sure of: Situazione.

By now, we've heard all the cast members string along at least a couple of words of Italian. So, who has the best foreign language skills? Vote in our poll below.