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The Vampire Diaries

Top 5 OMG Moments From The Vampire Diaries Season 3, Episode 3: “The End of the Affair”

We love those moments on The Vampire Diaries that make us gasp, pause, and rewind — and Season 3, Episode 3, “The End of the Affair” was chock full of them. Here are the five scenes that left our jaws agape.

5. Klaus has a family reunion

When Klaus returns to his family storage warehouse, Rebekah’s coffin is empty. “Rebekah, it’s your big brother,” he calls. “Come out, come out wherever you are.”

Though it takes her awhile to come around, when she does, the original vamp’s little sister is upon him, trying to stab him. “Go to hell, Nick,” she growls. Later we flash back to the 1920’s speakeasy to see Klaus (who was then called “Nick”) give his sister an ultimatum. She must choose between her brother and Stefan. She chose wrong, and we learn how she came to be locked in that crate for all these years.

But Klaus is a hybrid. Only slightly annoyed, he pulls the dagger from his chest and drops it. “Don’t pout,” he says. “You knew it wouldn’t kill me.”

“Yeah,” Rebekah replies. “But I was hoping it would hurt more.” So were we.

4. The Ripper makes a man drink his wife’s blood

Back in the day, Dark Stefan was meaner than we could have imagined. When an angry husband, Liam Grant, chides the vampire for flirting with his wife, Leila, the Killer Salvatore compels him to sit down at his table. Then Stefan summons the man’s wife to sit, too. While Rebekah and Nick (a.k.a., Klaus) watch, amused, Stefan removes Leila’s glove, slits her wrist with a pocketknife, and lets the blood fill his wine glass. Then he passes the glass to Liam.

“What kind of sick freaks are you?” Liam asks.

“I said drink,” Stefan insists.

Shaking, Liam raises the glass to his lips. He chokes as he takes a sip. Stefan laughs and the Nice Salvatore’s luster dims in our eyes — just a little bit.

3. Klaus almost kills Damon
Knowing it could be the last thing he ever does, Damon sits down next to Klaus at Gloria’s bar. The two trade witty remarks until Damon ends it with, “What can I say? I’m a thrill seeker.”

The words barely have time to leave his lips before Klaus grabs him by the neck and lifts him into the air. The O.V.’s pure strength crushes a few vertebrae and our minds race back to something Damon told Elena earlier: “You’re going to have about five minutes tops before that hybrid freak rips my heart out.”

Klaus repeatedly stabs Damon with a wooden drink umbrella. Then he slams our boy through a table to the floor and breaks a leg off a chair. He pushes Damon down with one hand and rears back with the other. The makeshift spike is about to meet Damon’s chest when, suddenly, it bursts into flames. “Not in my bar,” Gloria says from across the room. “You take it outside.” Thank goodness for witches.

2. Bill tries to “fix” Caroline
Talk about tough love. When Bill heard his daughter had a “vampire situation,” he came running — only to lock Caroline up in the dungeon the Mystic Falls town council built just for such occasions.

Then he leaves her there for a couple of days, waiting until she’s weak and hungry. When he returns, he promises that all he wants to know is how she can walk in the sunlight.

She tells him. Then he takes off her daywalker ring and waves a bag of blood in front of her face. Instinctively, Caroline’s face goes vampire vein-y. “Blood controls you sweetheart,” Bill says. “This is how I’m going to fix you.” Next Daddy Dearest pulls the chain that opens the dungeon’s skylight, and he watches as sunlight cooks his screaming daughter’s flesh.

1. Stefan breaks up with Elena (for real, for real this time)
After a failed attempt at drugging her boyfriend, Elena stands outside Gloria’s bar, not really listening to a word Stefan’s saying. “How much clearer can I make it?” he asks. A lot clearer, if you ask us.

Stefan goes on to say that it will take decades for him to come back from the dark side — longer than mortal Elena can afford to wait. But you know our girl: “I can’t give up on you Stefan,” she says.

“Yes you can,” Stefan replies. “It’s done. That part of my life is over. I don’t want to see you. I don’t want to be with you.”

For emphasis, Stefan steps in close and looks deep into Elena’s eyes. “I just want you to go,” he says. Then he walks away, leaving Elena stunned, with tears in her eyes.

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