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Pretty Little Liars

You Tell Us: What SHOULD the Pretty Little Liars Be for Halloween?

We've had a look at the costumes the liars will be wearing in the Pretty Little Liars Halloween episode, and they all look great. But it got us thinking: That was the liars back then, but what should they dress as now? We've come up with some character appropriate ideas for each gal. You tell us what you think is best — or propose your own!


  • A Gypsy: Aria (Lucy Hale)'s already got the accessories, and we're sure it would be easy for her to piece together a long skirt and gypsy top from her eclectic closet. She could rock this.
  • A Punk: She could temporarily dye her hair pink again. Returning to her edgier roots would be a good way for her to reconnect with her past without resorting to macking on her dead BFF's brother.
  • Jane Austen: What better why to show off her appreciation for literature than by dressing up as one of the most famous female writers in history?


  • Audrey Hepburn. As we saw when Hanna (Ashley Benson) spirited Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) off to the cabin in the woods, she's already got this look down. Plus, Audrey often said she felt like an ugly duckling when she was younger, but she grew up to be beautiful, just like Hanna.
  • Katy Perry: Hanna was Britney Spears back in the day, and we kind of like the idea of her continuing the pop star trend.
  • A Horse: It would be funny, and a way to show her evil step sis she's not afraid of her.


  • An Amazonian warrior woman. Because Spencer (Troian Bellisario) really can stand up to anyone.
  • A spy. She basically is one in her real life, anyway.
  • Belle. As we've said, these book reading beauties have a lot in common, and it would be a nice way for Spenc to make a statement about how wrong she used to be about Toby (Keegan Allen).


  • Lady Gaga. She's born this way, and proud of it.
  • An Olympic swimmer. She might end up having to give up her dreams in real life, but that doesn't mean she can't live them through Halloween.
  • Scarlett O'Hara: They both have so many attractive love interests to choose from!

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