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The Bachelorette

Engaged Lovebirds Holly Durst and Blake Julian: Goin’ to the Chapel!

Engaged Bachelor Pad 2 alums Holly Durst and Blake Julian are quickly settling in to their new life together in Greenville, South Carolina. They’ve been posting adorable pictures on Twitter, watching football together, and even putting together goofy YouTube videos of their cross-country roadtrip adventures!

On Sunday, October 2, the lovebirds were spotted leaving a local Greenville church — Father, forgive him? — after enjoying a morning worship service. Post-service, the pair emerged hand-in-hand: Blake sporting a nice button-up shirt and jeans, Holly dressed in a flowing blue maxi dress. Perhaps they were scouting for potential wedding venues, too?

Later in the day, they headed over to Bob Jones University, a local Christian college and seminary in town. Holly tweeted, “Church, Lunch, Museum of Religious art at Bob Jones University... Now coffee! I Love Sundays!!”

It sounds like Holly is having a blast with her new life in the South! Anyone else hear the sound of wedding bells chiming faintly in the background?

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