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So You Think You Can Dance

Dance Moms Finale Recap for Season 1, Episode 12: “There’s Only One Star”

We're in dance withdrawal over here at Wetpaint Entertainment, so we've been checking out Lifetime's Dance Moms to fill the void. Don't judge!

If you're hooked on the sequins and not afraid to admit it, check out last night's finale recap for Season 1, Episode 12: "There's Only One Star."

It Ain't Over 'Til the Fat Lady ... Screams

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At the end of last week's episode, we learned that even though winning multiple titles at Nationals felt like the grand finale Glee's never seen, we still have one more golden hour of our favorite new obsession tonight.

And, honestly, we're psyched. Could this show be any more addictive? Yay for a second season pick-up!

Anyway, Abby jets the girls back to Los Angeles, where she surprises them by nixing the pyramid for the week and instead putting their adorable headshots in a straight line across the board. Aww, because they're all winners, right? Not exactly.

Actually, it's because in L.A. talent is irrelevant and it's all about luck. Right. For a second there we actually thought Abby was going to make all the girls feel special ... we're so silly.

So, the big treat is that the girls are auditioning for a real-life Hollywood music video. (Man, they sure are casting them younger and younger, huh?)

In preparation, Abby works on a hip-hop routine with the dancers, as she predicts that genre be a huge part of the audition. Little Mackenzie observes, "Abby is funny looking when she tries to do hip hop." Seriously, if this show were just an hour of Mackenzie talking into the confessional cam, we'd still watch it.

Meanwhile, Maddie is worried because she's "not very good" at hip hop. What? Maddie not good at something? Impossible!

The competition is fierce, but all of Abby's dancers are cast as a girl dance group in an up-and-coming pop star's upcoming video. Cue the glass-shattering shrieking.OK, fine, we may have let out a yelp or two ourselves.

Yay, so they are finally all winners, right? Not exactly. Turns out that even though all of the mini-rinas will be in the video, there's only room for one super-special star. And, once again, the competish is on!

Bring It!

Credit: Lifetime    

After learning the dance for the video shoot, with only one small hiccup (Mackenzie bursting into tears and begging her mom to not make her go back in there), the whole gang enjoyed a fun day of mother-daughter bonding, where the moms got their girls nice and hoochied up for their screen tests.

Then, the competish really started to heat up (between the moms, of course). Chloe was sent to a local acting coach to brush up on her dramatic skills, while Maddie clocked in extra rehearsal time at the studio.

Meanwhile, Maddie's mother was determined to do whatever it took to get Maddie that lead, which included rendezvousing with the video's producer. Ugh, is it just us or was Melissa trying to flirt with him? Needless to say, the other moms were less than impressed when they got wind of their little coffee date.

Later at rehearsal, Mackenzie breaks down again, insisting she can't do it and she's not ready. Luckily, both her mother and Abby are on hand to basically tell her to suck it up already and get back to work.

In true future-diva fashion, Mackenzie mugs at the camera, explaining, "I just cry sometimes; it's no big deal." Like, whatever.

Next, the girls get to meet Lux, the supposed rising pop star whose video they're shooting. (We've never heard of her, but hey, maybe we're just not hip enough?)

Anyway, it turns out that the "star" of the video will actually be Lux back in the day, so a mini-Lux, if you will. Oho, now the tables have turned, indeed!

Sure, Maddie seems to have the upper hand because of her mother's brown-nosing and because even we can admit that the kid is amazing.

But here's the kicker: Maddie looks nothing like Lux. What's more, Lux is a dead ringer for Chloe in 10 years! Could this finally be Chloe's opportunity to beat her archrival?

... Chloe! Not gonna lie, we may have shed a few tears when they announced her name as the winner.

Happy endings all around: Melissa isn't even that mad that Maddie lost since it wasn't based on dance talent really and, more importantly, Chloe finally gets her chance to shine in the spotlight.

Let's hope this is the confidence boost she needs to kick some serious little-girl butt next season.

10.6.2011 / 08:10 PM EDT by Maria Valiente
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