Exclusive! Real Housewife of New Jersey Kathy Wakile Talks “Shocking” Reunion and Why Her Relationship With Teresa Giudice Is a “Work in Progress”
Credit: Andy Kropa/Getty Images for Wetpaint Entertainment    
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Exclusive! Real Housewife of New Jersey Kathy Wakile Talks “Shocking” Reunion and Why Her Relationship With Teresa Giudice Is a “Work in Progress”

Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member Kathy Wakile was on hand to help Wetpaint Entertainment celebrate our first birthday, and the hot hostess — who provided the party with her yummy desserts — chatted with us exclusively about the “crazy” Season 3 Reunion and her rocky relationship with her cousin, Teresa Guidice.

Wetpaint Entertaiment: There have been a bunch of casting rumors floating around. What can you tell us about that?

Kathy Wakile: I’m reading just as you are [laughs] so it’s all news to me! I’ll be back. We’ve been filming Season 4, it’s in production now. There were some rumors that we wouldn’t be back for Season 4, but we’re all coming back!

What can we expect from the Season 3 Reunion?

We have some funny moments, we have some shocking moments, we have some crazy moments. Be prepared to be enlightened.

Can we expect any special guests at the reunion?

Andy Cohen! He’s always special!

Punta Cana was beautiful, but things got tense at times. Given everything that happened, would you do it again?

Absolutely I would go again. For the most part, we had a great time. We had a few moments that were a little...especially with Teresa and I. We did.

You say what you say — what’s on your mind. If someone takes it the wrong way, they take it the wrong way. But I know that I didn’t try to say anything disrespectful.

Would I do it again? I gotta be me, ya know? That’s it.

That market in Punta Cana was very interesting.

Yeah that was really interesting, it wasn’t what we expected. We thought we were going clothing shopping. Everyone lives differently, and it’s not like a market that I’m accustomed to, but all over the world it’s very common for markets to be that way.

Had we known that’s the type of market we were going to we would have dressed down, we would have prepared ourselves. But the Dominican people are so warm, it’s always nice to see that.

What’s your relationship with Teresa [Giudice] like now?

It’s a work in progress. You have your good days and you have your bad days. We’re constantly working towards the better days. We get angry, but it’s family. You get over it. You try to work past it and communicate with each other, so you don’t keep making the same mistakes.

At the end of the day, she’s my cousin, I love her. I grew up with her. Once you have that strong foundation of love there, I think you can get past anything.

You made some really beautiful desserts for us tonight. How’s the catering business going?

Well, I’ve just been really concentrating on the desserts right now because I think that works best for me and my family. I’m doing small parties here and there because that seems to be the best thing. I’ve kind of always done that anyway for my friends just bring dessert.

So I think I’d like to stick with what I know on a small scale with a lot of time, make sure I get everything done really well and then move forward.

Do you think you’ll open a restaurant once your kids are grown?

I would love that, but my idea of a restaurant is going to the market, buying the freshest ingredients, bringing it to the restaurant, cooking it and then meeting my patrons. That’s more than a full-time job, so I don’t know.

I’m one of those hands-on people so it’s very, very, difficult. Maybe I can just do a part-time thing at a restaurant, guest cook once in a while. I wouldn’t call myself a chef, I’m not formally trained or anything.

Are your kids having fun with the show?

They’re having a great time, they really are. They’re so unaffected by anything, they go about their day. It’s made them closer. They’ve taken on more responsibilities, the two of them. I think it’s a really great experience for them.

It was so sweet to watch them give you a new computer for Christmas last year.

You know, I have to be honest, my kids — and I don’t like to brag about my kids I really don’t — but that’s just a snippet of how good they really are. They’re amazing kids. I mean, we get into it of course, they’re teenagers, but they’re wonderful. They really are.