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Teen Mom

Meet the Stars of Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2

Chelsea Houska, Teen Mom 2

Credit: Photo courtesy of MTV © and TM MTV Networks    

Hometown: Vermillion, South Dakota
Currently lives in: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Daughter: Aubree
Baby daddy: On-again, off-again boyfriend Adam Lind
Twitter: @ChelseaHouska

Before dropping out of high school her senior year to give birth to her daughter Aubree, Chelsea Houska was a softball star who dreamed of one day going to beauty school. She has a tumultuous relationship with Aubree's father, her on-again, off-again boyfriend Adam. Lucky for Chelsea, she has a strong, supportive family... who want Adam out of the picture. When not raising her little girl (with a lot of help from her dad), she’s pursuing her GED.

Credit: Photo courtesy of MTV © and TM MTV Networks    

The following ladies all have at least three things in common: a child (or children) they had while they were in high school and a baby daddy. But the similarities don’t end there — especially for legally, er, challenged Jenelle Evans and Amber Portwood. Read on for the quickie scoop on the formerly knocked-up stars of MTV’s Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2.

Catelynn Lowell, Teen Mom

Credit: Scott Gries/MTV © and TM MTV Networks    

Hometown: Born in Port Huron, Michigan, and raised in Marine City, Michigan
Baby daddy: Fiance Tyler Baltierra (he and Catelynn have been dating since seventh grade)
Daughter: Carolynn "Carly" Elizabeth (born on May 18, 2009); Catelynn and Tyler put her up for adoption.
Twitter: @CatelynnLowell

A recent high school graduate, Catelynn Lowell is the birth mother of Carolynn "Carly" Elizabeth. She and her longtime boyfriend/baby daddy Tyler Baltierra put Carly up for adoption, but they’re able to visit her on occasion and receive frequent updates on her growth. Tyler and Catelynn struggle with their decision to this day, but they remain committed to one another and are planning on getting married. (Yes, they put every other Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 couple to shame.)

But here’s the twist: Tyler is also Catelynn’s stepbrother (his father is married to Catelynn’s mother). Even better? The elder Baltierra, Butch, is a recovering drug addict (with a spiffy mullet) who has been in and out of jail.

Maci Bookout, Teen Mom

Credit: Scott Gries/MTV © and TM MTV Networks    

Hometown: Chattanooga, Tennessee
Son: Bentley Cadence Edwards (born on October 27, 2008)
Baby daddy: Ryan Edwards
Boyfriend: Kyle King (dating since early 2010)
Twitter: @MaciBookoutMTV

Before Maci Bookout gave birth to her son Bentley in October 2008, she was popular, athletic, and academically driven. Now studying journalism at Chattanooga State Community College, she struggles to balance school and motherhood. Her relationship with her ex-fiance Ryan Edwards, Bentley’s dad, is strained (to say the least) — especially since she started dating Kyle King, a childhood pal four years her senior. The couple broke up briefly in 2011, but it didn’t stick.

Maci, who gives talks at local high schools on teen pregnancy, hopes to one day write a book about being 16 and pregnant.

Jenelle Evans, Teen Mom 2

Credit: Photo courtesy of MTV © and TM MTV Networks    

Nickname: Jen
Hometown: Oak Island, North Carolina
Son: Jace
Baby daddy: Andrew Lewis
Twitter: @PBandJenelley_1

Since giving birth to her son Jace, Jenelle Evans has struggled to reconcile the responsibilities of motherhood with her love of partying. Jace's father is completely out of the picture, so Jenelle relies heavily on her own mother, Barbara, for help raising Jace — going so far as to give her mother temporary custody of the little boy.

It’s a good thing she did, because she’s already had several run-ins with the law. After getting arrested on October 15, 2010, for breaking and entering and drug possession, Jenelle (who was with her ex-boyfriend Kieffer Delp at the time) was found guilty of possession of drug paraphernalia on April 14, 2011. Prosecutors dropped the drug possession and breaking-and-entering charges, and they also dropped the paraphernalia charge after Jenelle completed a court-mandated 24 hours of community service. She was sentenced to 12 months of supervised probation and a monthly drug and alcohol test.

Jenelle entered rehab on May 12, but she didn’t leave her problems at the Malibu facility. The troubled teen mom (oxymoron?) tested positive for marijuana and opiates when she met with her parole officer on August 8. A court date was set for August 24, 2011, but it was pushed back to September 28 to allow her to continue to get better.

Her lengthy rap sheet also includes a March 2011 arrest for beating up a girl on video, but she got off easy with 30 days suspended jail time, 12 months probation, a $100 fine, mandatory anger management courses, and 24 hours of community service.

Farrah Abraham, Teen Mom

Credit: Scott Gries/MTV © and TM MTV Networks    

Hometown: Council Bluffs, Iowa
Daughter: Sophia Laurent Abraham (born in February 2009)
Baby daddy: Derek Underwood (died in December 2008)
Twitter: @F1abraham

An aspiring model and former high school cheerleader, Farrah Abraham is the mother of Sophia Laurent Abraham. While life is never easy for a teen mom, Farrah has had an especially rough time of it. Sophia's father, Derek Underwood, died in a car accident two months before Farrah gave birth (she and Derek were broken up at the time), and Farrah's abusive mother, Debra Danielson, was charged with assault in January 2010. As if that wasn’t enough, Derek’s mother sued for visitation rights after Farrah proved to the Underwoods that Derek fathered Sophia.

Farrah has written a book, My Teenage Dream Ended, that is slated for release in 2012. She currently splits her time between Florida, where she goes to school, and Iowa, where Sophia lives with ol’ Deb.

Kailyn Lowry, Teen Mom 2

Credit: Photo courtesy of MTV © and TM MTV Networks    

Nickname: Kat
Hometown: Nazareth, Pennsylvania
Children: Isaac (“Izzy”)
Baby daddy: Ex-boyfriend Jonathan “Jo” Rivera
Twitter: @TM2Kailyn

The mother of adorable baby Isaac, Kailyn Lowry is a one-time high school lacrosse player who dreams of becoming a dental hygienist. After her boyfriend Jo knocked her up, Kailyn tried to hide her pregnancy from her friends and family... but it didn’t take long for the secret to leak. Frequent battles with her mother left her with no place to go, so the baby daddy’s family took Kailyn in and supported her throughout her pregnancy.

Kailyn and Jo didn’t make it through the stress of new parenthood, so Kailyn eventually moved back in with her unsupportive mother. To stay as independent as possible, Kailyn juggles two part-time jobs and a full course load at the community college. She and Jo now share custody of Isaac.

Amber Portwood, Teen Mom

Credit: Scott Gries/MTV © and TM MTV Networks    

Hometown: Anderson, Indiana
Daughter: Leah Leann Shirley (born in November 2008)
Baby daddy: Ex-fiance and on-and-off boyfriend Gary Shirley

The transition into parenthood has not been an easy one for Amber Portwood... to say the least. The one-time teen mom dropped out of high school after finding out that she was pregnant with her daughter Leah, and her relationship with her former fiance/baby daddy Gary has been extremely volatile. After getting violent with Gary — in front of Leah — in an infamous fall 2010 episode of Teen Mom, Amber was arrested for domestic battery and neglect of a dependent on December 28, 2010; she spent one night in jail and was prevented from having any contact with Gary until February 2011.

Amber made her June 9, 2011, court date and pleaded guilty to two counts of felony domestic battery. The judge dropped her two-year sentence and the no-contact order that prevented her from seeing Gary when Leah wasn’t present, instead placing Amber on two years’ probation.

Despite the light sentence, Amber became depressed and threatened suicide on June 14, 2011. Gary supported Amber after her subsequent hospitalization, which turned into a stint in a Malibu rehab center. Now that she's out, she and Gary are officially dunzo.

Leah Messer, Teen Mom 2

Credit: Photo courtesy of MTV © and TM MTV Networks    

Hometown: Elkview, Virginia
Children: Twins Aliannah and Aleeah (born on December 16, 2009)
Baby daddy: Ex-husband Corey Simms (married from October 2010 to April 2011)
Twitter: @TM2LeahDawn

Former cheerleader Leah Messer is the teen mother of twins Aliannah (Ali) and Aleeah. She and her daughters’ father, Corey, have a turbulent relationship (she once cheated on him with an ex), but she reached out to him when she discovered that Ali was developing more slowly than Aleeah. After a whirlwind proposal and wedding, Leah and Corey divorced in April 2011.