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The X Factor

The X Factor: Who is Brian Friedman?

On last night’s X Factor, you may have noticed choreographer Brian Friedman. And by “may have noticed,” we obviously mean “could not have missed,” because dude dresses like Mad Max! Brian was on hand to help the contestants with the staging and choreography for their group performances, but the show didn’t give us a lot of information on the man some call BFree. So, here’s the dish:

Credit: Dave Hogan/Getty Images    

He’s worked with tons of big, BIG names. Britney. Mariah. Beyonce. Michael. Celine. You get the idea. Most recently, he choreographed the video for Brit’s single “Hold It Against Me.”

He’s got some history with Simon, and — surprise! — it’s not too friendly. In 2007, while working with Simon on the UK edition of the Factor, Brian lashed out over Simon’s criticism of Brian’s choreography. "I just don't understand why it's so difficult for him to like things,” he told The Sun. “Is he so miserable that he has to hate everything? I want people to look at the positive for one second and not rip things apart, because it breaks people down."

He used to be on So You Think You Can Dance! We first learned about Brian through SYTYCD back during the first season of that show. He was a big presence for the first two seasons (he later left to work on other projects), both as a choreographer and a judge. Here he is teaching a routine to Season Two contestants Benji and Donyelle.

He can teach you how to dance, too! Okay, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be any good, but if you ever wanted to break out the moves to Britney’s “Overprotected” at your next office party, Brian’s got you covered.

He, um, likes to take his clothes off... Don’t look at us! He’s the one who said it. Although, after watching this behind-the-scenes footage of his 2009 Sexy Santa photo shot for NOW Magazine, we can see why.

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10.6.2011 / 10:29 PM EDT by Tracy Fusaro
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