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Top 10 Quotes From Glee Season 3, Episode 3: “Kurt Looks Like Jimmy Fallon’s Butch Daughter”

The newest episode of Glee did not disappoint, especially with Brittany proving she should not pursue a career in construction! If we could, we'd totally give the Glee writers a hug because they were so on point. Here are our picks for the top 10 quotes from Season 3, Episode 3: “Asian F.”

Credit: Mike Yarish/FOX ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co.    

10. We’re guessing those would be some very fabulous and well-choreographed locusts
Kurt (Chris Colfer): [to Blaine] If anyone else got Tony, including me, the wrath of Sondheim would fall upon William McKinley like a plague of Shubert Alley locusts.

9. Shane’s a comic-book nerd? Who knew!
Shane: You think Wonder Woman hugs the Cheetah before the Amazonian smack-down?

8. We had no idea Beiste was such a fan of wacky desserts
Beiste (Dot-Marie Jones): I kicked a fire hydrant when I found out Ace of Cakes was canceled — hence, the crutches.

7. Emma proves she’s not the world’s most convincing liar
Emma (Jayma Mays): I spoke to their ghosts last night. I have ghost parents.

6. Whimsical hopping and skipping is so unicorn
Kurt: With only two days left for people to announce their candidacy, that leaves me and Brittany running in this race, which is more like me running and, you know, Brittany just whimsically hopping and skipping nearby.

5. No one is immune to Kardashian fever!
Beiste: It was one of the hardest decisions of my life, and that includes when I had to sell one of my prize donkeys to pay my gas bill. I sold Kim, but I kept Khloe.

4. We’re guessing that Emma’s parents only watch Conan
Santana (Naya Rivera): And yeah, Kurt here looks like Jimmy Fallon’s butch daughter, but a vote for him would only empower yet another frank ‘n beans.

3. You know what’s easier than making tough decisions? Not making them!
Emma: In the grand tradition of the Special Olympics, everybody wins!

2. Artie needs to work on his compliments
Artie (Kevin McHale): [about Mike] The kid’s never late — he runs like an expensive Swiss watch reproduced cheaply in China.

1. Brittany’s still getting a grasp on modern plumbing
Brittany (Heather Morris): Oh, so you’re cool with flushing McKinley High’s future down the magical poop-stealing water chair?

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10.6.2011 / 12:47 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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