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The Bachelor

Bachelor Season 16 Spoilers! Fan Blogs About Ben Flajnik’s Concert Date In Park City

Remember that concert The Bachelor just taped on October 4 in Park City, Utah? We wrote something about it earlier in the week to try and help them get “extras” in the background as Ben Flajnik enjoyed a date with a Season 16 bachelorette. Well, a nice lady named Stacey blogged about her experience (non-disclosure agreements be damned!) and even shared a couple of photos.

Credit: Cassie Lambert on Twitter    

Here’s an excerpt from her blog:

“It was raining when we were driving up to Park City so I was a little worried that we'd get soaked during the outdoor concert. Luckily when they told us it was time to head outside the rain had stopped. It also wasn't as cold as I'd been anticipating so that was nice. We got to the outdoor stage and Clay Walker was already warming up. There weren't a ton of people there, maybe 200 people, so it wasn't super crowded. We were again reminded how to act, where to move when and told that we'd probably hear the same songs a few times as they got the coverage they needed for editing. We were waiting and waiting and finally a lit up gondola arrived and Ben and his date walked over. They climbed up to a platform next to us to dance and what-not while Clay finished the first song. Then he started a second song and the crowd parted (like we were told to) but Ben went a different way than we were told he would and he ended up behind us and actually had to tap me on the shoulder and say ‘Excuse me!’ so him and his date could get to the front of the stage. Maybe our little group will have a split second of air time! Clay finished that song, and played another song as his finale. I don't think we did any re-takes while Ben and his date were there, but I don't really remember. After the third song Ben and his date were whisked away and the concert was over. It was just about 12:45am and Ben and his date had only been there maybe 20 minutes.”

Read her full blog for more.

Spoiler King Reality Steve has a few details himself, adding that Ben was on the date with a ginger lass named Jennifer:

“As for the Clay Walker date on Tuesday night in Park City, Utah, it was the end of a 1-on-1 date with the red head in the Sonoma group picture. She’s the girl on the far right on the bottom row. Her name is Jennifer and she’s from Oklahoma City. Don’t know her last name or have any other pictures of her, but I’m guessing I will soon. She had a rose on her, so she was safe at the rose ceremony. Ben and Jennifer (or Bennifer for all those people who can’t type two names) arrived during Clay’s performance and they danced to the song ‘She Won’t Be Lonely Long.’ After that song, they slow danced to a ballad of a song that hasn’t been released yet, so I’m sure when it airs, the song will be on itunes the next day or something. At the end of the ballad Ben kissed her, and Clay asked him, ‘So is she a good kisser?’ and Ben replied she was the best kisser thus far. He asked the same to Jennifer and she said Ben was a great kisser as well. The End.”

Best kisser, eh? Interesting...

So that’s the scoop for now, spoiler fans. Exciting? Too much too soon?

Sources: Maughansters, Inc., Reality Steve

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10.7.2011 / 03:01 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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