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The Secret Circle

Demons Invade Chance Harbor! Top 5 OMG Moments From The Secret Circle, Season 1, Episode 4: “Heather”

This week’s episode of The Secret Circle had us jaw-dropping all over the place! Nick (Louis Hunter) and Melissa (Jessica Parker Kennedy) introduced magic into their sex lives, we finally met Heather, and then to cap it all off, Melissa got herself possessed by a demon worm. Say it ain’t so!

Check out the 5 biggest OMG moments from Season 1, Episode 3: “Heather”:

5. Demons live in Chance Harbor
So it turns out that demons love nothing more than hordes of hot teenage witches, and as we all know, Chance Harbor is overrun with broomstick riders. From what we gathered in between Heather’s insane ramblings, demons take the form of insects or bugs and crawl into witches’ bodies to possess them. Sixteen years ago, demon worms attacked Amelia’s coven and tried to steal their power, but one of them ended up trapped inside Heather. Sounds complicated... and all kinds of disgusting.

4. Nick opens Melissa’s shirt with his mind
Nick and Melissa could use their powers for so many things: saving the sea turtles, going to drought plagued areas and creating rain storms... But why bother when they can just sit at home and magically strip off each other’s clothes? Let’s just say we were drooling after watching Nick and Melissa’s supernatural foreplay. Who knew magic could be so sexy?!

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3. Heather suffers from a split personality
After Heather straight-up attacks Cassie (Britt Robertson) in Wade’s crib, the little demon friend living inside her wrist makes it’s way up her arm and settles brain-side. She’s baaaack! Heather turns on her demon GPS walks to Amelia’s house on a mission to ruin the family antiques and tearfully recounts bits and pieces of info from the night of the fire. Then she writhes around on the floor like she’s being exorcised, does her best spider monkey impression, and scampers up and down the stairs and out the door. Only to get hit by a car and die. Which brings us to....

2. Heather gets hit by a car!
We thought we’d get through an episode of The Secret Circle without adding someone to the Chance Harbor body count, but no. Clearly, demons hail from a century where cars don’t exist, because Heather leapt onto Cassie’s street and failed to look both ways. Sadly, she was slammed by some random in an SUV, who’s life will be forever ruined. Oh well, at least the worm inside her lives on.

1. Melissa gets brain worms
There’s nothing worse than cuddling up to your not-boyfriend only to have a black worm crawl into your head and ruin your post-conjugal love vibes. Last time someone had a worm up in their grill they turned into a demon, so we have some serious concerns about our girl Melissa. Will the Circle be forced to put her in a coma to keep the worm at bay, or will they be able to exorcise it from her body? The real question: How do demons feel about having sex with hot studs?

10.7.2011 / 09:01 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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