Fail: Bones Gets Schooled By Washington Post
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Fail: Bones Gets Schooled By Washington Post

Step aside, Brennan. Someone else is doing the poking and prodding this week, and on the examination table is our beloved Bones series. In her recent “A note to ‘Bones’” piece, Valerie Strauss of the Washington Post reveals that she has a score to settle with creator Hart Hanson.

Referencing the Season 4 episode “The Bone That Blew,” Strauss targets a conversation between Booth (David Boreanaz) and Sweets (John Francis Daley) in which the former frets about not being able to send his son to a private school. Sweets, ever the conciliator, assures Booth that he’s an especially good father for even worrying about it.

To put it lightly, Strauss is not happy about this. “Why,” she asks, “would the writers pen something that gives the false impression that private schools are necessarily better than public schools?” We don’t know, Valerie — maybe because Booth belongs to the public, making him a part of the “public perception”? We’re talking about what you said in your own article: “[P]ublic perception persists that private K-12 education is superior to public.”

So either Strauss mistook Bones for a televised dissertation on education, or she just decided to use Bones as an ill-conceived springboard for a political rant. (Or maybe she just can’t stand the sight of David Boreanaz in a suit... Nahh.) Indeed, we weren’t aware that it was Hart Hanson’s job to “enlighten” people on what Valerie Strauss thinks is the right way to look at things.

Hanson himself wasn’t aware, either, as it turns out. “This person obviously failed to watch the entire episode,” he tweeted yesterday, “and missed the point[.]” Fortunately, he was more amused than insulted: “Dare I make a ‘do your homework’ joke?” Nah, we’d just say, “Thanks for tuning in!”

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10.7.2011 / 02:51 AM EDT by Drew Belsky
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