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Sponsored: Wetpaint’s Top 5 TV Romances! Brought to you by: Wonderstruck

Brought to you by: Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck Perfume


Love, as they say, is a many splendored thing, one that has inspired countless books, poems, films, and songs. While it’s hard to define, singer-songwriter Taylor Swift, who’s dedicated more than a couple of her own songs to the subject, says “Falling in love is a moment every girl daydreams about.” In fact, that magical moment is the inspiration behind her new fragrance, Wonderstruck. It “represents that magical feeling of promise and hope and intrigue,” a feeling that we’ve gotten familiar with after watching so many of our favorite television characters fall in love. Inspired by Wonderstruck, we dug up our favorite first encounters between TV’s best couples - get ready for a walk down memory lane!

Blair and Chuck

It seems like most great loves have obstacles to overcome. Well, Blair and Chuck’s love has had plenty, and then some. While their friendship began long before the pilot of Gossip Girl, their romantic relationship began with a healthy dose of animosity, but after seeing Blair let her hair down at Victrola, Chuck’s nightclub venture, all bets (and schemes and plots and scandals) fell by the wayside, and these two have been orbiting around each other ever since - for better or worse.

Hanna and Caleb

Speaking of obstacles, the mysterious A is an expert at making a few girls in Rosewood absolutely miserable, but a few perfect boyfriends make things that much more bearable. Despite his bad boy status at school, Caleb managed to win his way into Hanna’s heart with a couple of well-placed favors and one or two shared secrets. It was only a matter of time before an equally well-placed kiss took their relationship from just friends to young love.

Emma and Ethan

You know what’s even more awkward than getting to know a cute boy in high school? Meeting him while masquerading as her secret twin sister, only to find out that that sister has been having an equally secret relationship with said cute boy. Even though their first kiss was a shocker for the both of them, all it took was mutual trust and a very unique dilemma to throw them into an actual relationship...that’s at least halfway out in the open for now.

Sookie and Bill

For Sookie and Bill, it all started with some witty barroom banter - about the Vampire Rights Amendment - and ended with a dramatic rescue. Quite the first date! Not being able to “read” Bill made their first meeting all the more special, and Sookie, in turn, set about trying to learn all she could about Merlotte’s newest patron.

Finn and Rachel

After dealing with the prospect of locker room teasing, Quinn’s wrath, a brief fling with Puck, the stress of trying to make it to nationals AND Jesse St. James, it looks as if Finn and Rachel can finally relax and enjoy their time together. Naturally, it was the New Directions that brought the two together, as a private rehearsal led to their (slightly awkward) first kiss, one that eventually blossomed into a relationship that continues to defy the conventions of McKinley High’s hierarchy.