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Dancing With The Stars

Exclusive! Carson Kressley Teases Week 4 Waltz and the Real Cause of “FartGate”

Carson Kressley may not always be the most technically dazzling Dancing With the Stars Season 13 star, but he's certainly one of the most fun to watch. Wetpaint Entertainment had a chance to chat with Carson, and he opened up about the DWTS experience, what we can expect from him in Week 4, and the real criminal behind "FartGate."

Wetpaint Entertainment: How are you feeling about doing DWTS now that you're a couple weeks in to the season — are you glad you said yes?
Carson Kressley: I am. The first couple of weeks were a little rocky, and then we had a great Tango last week and after we finished it I was like, "Oh my gosh, this must be how Ricki Lake feels all the time!" Because she nails it every time. It was fun to finally actually do one that was both entertaining and technically, I think, pretty good. I wish we would get better marks. Sometimes I feel like they're a little stingy with their scores for me, but we just keep entertaining the crowds. Our fans are so great, and we keep getting votes — at least enough votes to stay on. I'm just happy to still be there. It's getting more and more fun.

What do you think happened that allowed you to improve so much last Monday? Did something happen differently in rehearsal?
I think that for some reason it was just a good week. We had enough rehearsal time. We actually started rehearsing right after we were saved [after Week 2] on Tuesday night. We got a little bit of a head start. I guess I didn't feel as much pressure. I got an extra day, and got caught up. A lot of the other couples had an extra week before the show started to get their routines under their belt. I was a late addition so I was always feeling a week behind, so it was great to feel on equal footing with everyone else. And perhaps Tango was my thing. I think there's a dance that everyone does a little better in, and mine happens to be the Tango. Go figure!

What was your biggest fear going into the show, and how has that gone for you?
I think your biggest fear is being the first one voted off, you're kind of like "I don't want to be that person who is the first to go." And you get so involved in rehearsal and bonding with the cast and you kind of don't think anyone is going to go home, and then someone does and you're kind of like, "uh oh."

And then it was just that I'm not coordinated. I was that kid that was never picked for any sports in gym class, couldn't climb the rope, all that stuff. I though "hmmm... dancing seems very athletic and coordinated," and it is. Anna [Trebunskaya] told me that dancing requires the most coordination of anything you can do with your body, because you're literally rolling one foot this way and that foot the other way and squeezing your core together — it's a lot for someone like me who has absolutely no coordination. I'm glad that in the last couple of dances I've gotten better. Your muscle memory gets better, you can do certain moves a little better. I'm very nervous, if I make it long enough, to do two dances a week. That sounds very daunting to me. But dancing is supposed to be fun, and celebratory, and that's what I make of it. I don't try to be that suave, debonair romantic Fred Astaire type. I use Cloris Leachman as my inspiration. I think to myself: What would Cloris do?

What was your reaction when Kristin Cavallari was sent home in Week 3?
I couldn't believe it! She was one of the better dancers on the show, and was probably only going to get better and better, so you're just sort of shocked, and stunned. It just goes to show you a) how unpredictable the show can be, and b) how important it is for fans to vote for the person you want to win. I'm sure it boiled down to the fact that people thought she was doing great, and she didn't really need the votes to stay on the show.

Does a surprise elimination like that shake the rest of you up?
I think it shook a lot of people up. It actually gave me hope. I was like oh my gosh, maybe someone really good will get voted off because the fans didn't step up, maybe I have a chance for at least a couple more weeks before it gets really really hardcore. So it was sad to see her go, and it was kind of a rude awakening for a lot of us, but then I was like, okay, it's kind of anyone's game.

Which of this season's other stars have surprised you the most with their dancing?
Chynna Phillips was so great out of the starting gate. She came out and was like a ballerina, and I was like, "Whaaat?" She was so classic. Ricki Lake is phenomenal, but I guess I wasn't surprised because she was in Hairspray and did a lot of musicals and was kind of a dancing kid. And J.R. [Martinez]. You think of him as this war hero, but he's just so athletic. He's really great at everything he does.

Who do you see as your biggest competition?
Probably Ricki Lake, because she' very entertaining and charismatic and she's also technically very good. I think she's kind of a shoo-in, pun intended.

Have you heard about this Nancy Grace fart controversy?
I've heard about it! There's been a lot of noise about that. Pun intended.

Any comment?
No. I didn't experience it first hand and I don't know if the allegations are true. But I do know that one day at rehearsal — they feed us, and normally give us chicken and fish and it's very healthy. But last Monday they had a whole Mexican buffet, and I was like oh no, I can't eat this, I'm going to do high kicks, that's dangerous! So maybe that's where it all started.

Speaking of food and health, have you been experiencing any body changes?
Well, I'm trying to get down to my birth weight, so hopefully by week six I'll weigh nine pounds, seven ounces. But really, you just notice that your clothes fit better. So that's just a fringe benefit. And as far as your body — things start to hurt that, like, I didn't even know I had that muscle! And it's different for every dance. During the Cha Cha my hips were killing me, during the Tango my elbows were killing me from keeping them up in the air. Every week it's different.

Is there anything you can tell us about what we'll see from your Waltz on Monday?
I think the Waltz is very classic and beautiful, and very understated, and we're going to do the opposite. It's going to be a very non-traditional Waltz and I'm sure Len [Goodman] will be apoplectic when we're done, but America seems to like it, and that's who we're trying to keep happy.

Do you have a message for your fans?
I would just say Anna and I are really very very thankful for all of the fan support that we've had. I know we don't always get the highest scores and I think they're a little hard on us, but I think we have been able to make it through because the fans have really gotten behind us and kept us on the show, so we hope that they continue to do so.

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