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The Bachelor

Exclusive! Former Bachelor Contestant Jessie Sulidis Weighs In on Ashley and JP and Whether Holly and Blake Will Make It

The Bachelor 14’s Jessie Sulidis definitely wants Ashley Hebert and JP Rosenbaum to make it as a couple — but in order for that to happen, she just doesn’t think they should rush into things.

You might remember Jessie as the sassy Canadian who shook things up after revealing to Ali Fedotowsky that Justin “Rated R” Rego had a girlfriend back home. She recently spoke to Wetpaint Entertainment about all things Bachelor nation, including Holly Durst’s “ballsy move” and if she thinks Holly and Blake Julian will last!

Life and Style is saying that Ashley and JP could be having a TV wedding as early as April, which would be right after Ben’s season of The Bachelor ends.
That’s what I just heard, too.

Do you think they’ll make it as a couple? Any insight on what they might be going through?
I can just hope that they make it! The last couple seasons, Ali and Roberto seem like they’re a really strong couple, and I think that Ashley and JP really hit it off, as well. I think that they have so much similarities, and they’ve moved in together in New York. So now it’s going to be the test to see if they can survive.

Being on the show is sort of like this fantasy world, and then you have to come down to reality when you’re not going to have helicopters taking you to dinner, and theme parks close down, and magical lanterns floating through the sky on a date. So, if they can bring the normalcy and get through regular day-to-day... And living together is probably the hardest thing!

So my advice to them would be not to get married in April. Give it a year living together. Really get to know each other.

Credit: ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

That’s something cool about Ali and Roberto. They’re still a really strong together as a couple, but they definitely didn’t get married just a few months after the show was over.
No. People who do that, I think, it’s just a recipe for disaster. I think you really need to take time and not be pressured or bullied into it — by, like, the fans and the media. Even the show is probably wanting to really make some money off of this wedding, as well. So I think it’s just important to remember what’s important: and it’s them.


With Bachelor Pad 2, watching that, it was a lot different from your guys’ season — just the way everything played out. Who were you rooting for? Did you have a favorite?
Yeah, I really like Graham and Michelle as a couple. But then I also really like Michael Stagliano. I felt so bad for him, but I thought he was so cute and funny and goofy. So I was just really rooting for him!

He just seems like he doesn’t have a bad bone in his body. He just knows how to react to every type of situation, so I definitely thought that he’d get far, because that’s the type of person that people want to see win, if I was there voting. That’s who Dave Good was on our season. He was someone who was everybody’s friend. He’s a comical guy in the house, someone everybody wanted to be around.

So I think that in both seasons, though, the guys sort of led the girls through. With Holly and with Natalie, I think they kind of got a ticket to the finale because of the guys on both season finales.

Do you think that the right couple ended up winning?
I definitely do. It’s unfortunate what happened to Michael with Holly. That was a low blow, to announce your engagement. If it was somebody she’d been engaged previously to, it doesn’t matter what like the producers tell you to do. She should have had more respect, because he had respect for her the entire way through. I just thought it was disrespectful. So that definitely probably made it harder for peoples’ voting choices. But, at the same time, I think definitely the right couple won.

Blake and Holly have moved in together — like JP and Ashley did. Do you think they’ll make it? Do you see any challenges they might be facing?
Well, it’s just, everything happened so fast! I feel like they didn’t even really get to know each other. They met on a TV show. And next thing you know — after a few months, she’s already moved across the country. It’s a bit crazy, but there’s nothing I can say that they can’t do. If you have that, like, guts — and it’s kind of a ballsy move — then all the power to you.

Stay tuned for part two! We'll have more from Jessie's interview coming next week.