Scandal: Nancy Grace Blames Tristan MacManus For DWTS FartGate
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Dancing With The Stars

Scandal: Nancy Grace Blames Tristan MacManus For DWTS FartGate

Oh no she didn’t!

We wanted to move past TMZ's did-she-didn't-she obsession with Nancy Grace's alleged "mystery fart" from Dancing With the Stars Season 13, Week 3, but she just dragged our fake boyfriend (and her pro partner) Tristan MacManus into it and now we have to throw down.

In case you aren't up-to-date on your Nancy-gas stories: TMZ alleged that you could hear someone fart when Nancy and Tristan prepared to hear the judges scores on Monday night's episode. Earlier in the week Nancy told TMZ she could “absolutely exonerate” herself, Tristan and co-host Brooke Burke-Charvet in the gassy controversy and she called for a "full investigation." That's where it should've ended. But you know how Nance loves a sensational story, so when a random TMZ guy caught up with her again to talk about the mystery toot, she threw Tristan under the bus.

"OK, well listen, if you listen very carefully to that clip [leans in and whispers] it has an Irish accent," Nancy tells the cameraman.

This woman! Yeah, she’s just joking (we think) and probably picked Tristan because he’d just shrug it off. Could you imagine if she blamed Brooke? Ms. Burke-Charvet would shove her microphone where the sun don’t shine.

Source: TMZ