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Dancing With The Stars

Exclusive! Carson Kressley May Dance With a Man on the DWTS Finale

Carson Kressley is one of Dancing With the Stars Season 13's most enjoyable performers, so we were excited to get a chance to chat with him about the DWTS experience.

We've already posted Part 1 of our interview with the TV personality, where he dishes on his Week 4 Waltz, Kristin Cavallari's shocking elimination, and "FartGate." In this part, Carson opens up about making it through the rough DWTS schedule, a potential guy-on-guy performance, and which female pro he would totally mack on if he batted for the other team.

Wetpaint Entertainment: What is your schedule like with DWTS?
Carson Kressley: It's kind of crazy and it really is a full-time job. If another celebrity asked me "Oh, what's it like?" I'd say basically scratch everything out of your calender. Between the rehearsals where you're practicing your dancing, and then there are rehearsals for the live show all day Monday, and then rehearsals for the results shows Tuesdays, and then shooting the shows, and then you basically go right back into rehearsals.

I don't know how much other people rehearse, but we've literally been rehearsing five, six, seven hours a day, and then if I'm really terrible at a particular dance then sometimes we'll rehearse in two different segments, maybe four hours each. And then of course you do media, and press, and fittings. We're really involved in our costume designs, so it winds up being a huge time commitment. Like anything else, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. I'm really involved in what the props look like, what the stage looks like while we're dancing — it's the control freak designer in me.

You've had awesome costumes. Other than yourself and Anna, who would you crown as Best Dressed so far?
I have loved a lot of David Arquette's stuff. He has been very involved, and he has his own clothing line as well. He really understands fashion and has fun with it, so I think his [are some of the best costumes]. And then as far as the women, I do love Kym Johnson, who's dancing with David.

Any contenders for most ridiculous costume so far?
Ron Artest had some crazy outfits, and we probably would have seen more if he had lasted longer.

What is it like to be judged in front of America. How do you prepare for that?
I don't. I try to focus on the dance, and I try to be my very best and compete against myself, and at least be better than the week before. And so far it's been working and I have improved. Of course I listen to their constructive criticism, but other than that, at that point the dance is over, and I'm already thinking about the next one.

How much of what you learn from one week translates to the next, and how much is a clean slate?
I think mentally it's a clean slate. [Friday] on Regis and Kelly we danced our Tango from [the previous] Monday, which seemed like months ago, and I was in Waltz mode, thinking one-two-three, one-two-three, but the Tango is not like that at all. But what's great is your body is a little more conditioned, you have a better rapport with your partner, you become more in-sync, and there are certain dance fundamentals that carry through — posture, frame, and steps like lock step, reverse turn. Things carry over, which makes it a little easier, and then you layer on new things.

You mentioned that the cast has bonded, and every season we hear the cast is like a family. Who would be the parents this year?
Probably Chynna [Phillips]. She's just done so much with her life, and she's so grounded. She's married to a Baldwin and they have three kids, so I can just blend in! And who would be the dad? Probably J.R. Martinez, he's so solid, and his story is so compelling and amazing. Inspiring means you want to be like him, and I certainly admire his heroics, and he's just a great guy.

Do you have a DWTS BFF?
Yes. I think my BFF is Kym Johnson. She's great, and if I were batting for the other team I'd want to mack on her.

She's beautiful!
Isn't she? And she's so flexible, and she can kick like nobody, and the kick is my thing. If I weren't with Anna [Trebunskaya] I'd want to be with her. But Anna's the perfect match for me because she's hardcore and she's Russian and she keeps me focused.

There have been rumors about the producers thinking of a same-sex couple, and that they'd thought about doing it with you. But they always choose not to because that's not how ballroom traditionally is and it would add an extra challenge. Now that you've been learning for a few weeks, do you agree that adding this twist would be an unfair disadvantage, or should they give it a shot?
I'm on the fence. I would have been happy to do it because that's how I live my personal life and that would have been a great message. There has been some criticism from the gay community, like, why aren't you dancing with a guy? But I understand that it is about the tradition of ballroom dancing. And quite honestly I can't lift a big giant Ukrainian man over my head, so I'm glad I'm dancing with a petite Russian gal!

I think what the show does so well is that they embrace diversity in so many ways. No matter who you want to root for, there's somebody you can get behind. And maybe we'll have a little surprise during the finale, which I've been trying to orchestrate, where I have a moment where I get to dance with Maks [Chmerkovskiy] or [Tony] Dovolani.

You should do that!
I think I totally should. I think I've got them convinced.

Do you have a favorite DWTS memory so far?
The first [show] night. It's an overwhelming experience — there are 22 million people watching at home, there are a thousand people in the ballroom, it's the first time you've ever done something like that. Coming out and getting a standing ovation for my "Moves Like Jagger" dance was great. I think that was a lot about charisma and attitude and it put me in a great slot to make that my trademark, that I bring the fun.

Do you still get recognized as the guy from Queer Eye?
Totally! I've done a bunch of shows — How to Look Good Naked, my own show on Oprah's network, Carson Nation — but far and away most people are like "Hey! You're that queer dude." It's funny, it'll be like baggage carriers at the airport, or pro football players. Kristin Cavillari's ex was at the show and told me that besides Kristin he was rooting for me. It never ceases to amaze me the diversity of the fans of that show.

Has Oprah expressed opinions on you doing DWTS?
Yes! Just before we started we were shooting a promo for Rosie, and I was sitting in Oprah's office, petting her dog Sadie, which was surreal unto itself, and she was like "Oh my god, you're going to be dancing." I said "Yeah, what do you think?" and she said "I think it's perfect for you! Maybe not for some big movie star, but for you and your personality it's a great fit." She's been very supportive.

Do you think we'll see her in the audience?
I would love it. She's a little busy with the network and getting Rosie going, but if I make it to the finals she may make it.

That's a good answer to Chaz's Cher factor!
I know! I'll see you one Cher, and raise you an Oprah!

Catch Part 1 of our interview with Carson here.

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